Jan 9, 2022
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Europe will not support US tougher sanctions against Russia

Europe will not support US tougher sanctions against Russia

WITHThe Shas do not trust Europe.

Ahead of the US-Russian talks in Geneva, US diplomats began to express distrust of their European allies.

As writes “Politico“, Europe seems to be showing the public a desire to support possible anti-Russian US sanctions. However, the German Foreign Minister Tolike other Europeans denialwas go into details. And in general, the issue of anti-Russian sanctions is not among the priorities of Europe.andsctheir politicians, more concernednsX why they were excluded from the Geneva talks. Some countries, including Germany, refuse to undermine their business ties with Russia. True, they do not disclose in Washington eitherwhat exactly do they mean by “severe sanctions” and entryThis whether they refuse to purchase Russian oil, gas and rocket engines

In addition, in Europe there is no certainty that Donald Trump, whoand could win the 2024 elections, will not lift these sanctions, as a result The EU will be in a foolish position. I recall how Obama could not convince Merkel to introduce anti-Russian sanctions in the midst of the crisis in Ukraine, they were implemented only after Kiev blew up a Malaysian Airlines passenger plane over Donbass, blaming Russia for it. and Europe surrendered under pressure from Barack Obama.

A leak from a diplomatic source in Europe indicates that NATO and the United States have rejected a Moscow-proposed treaty to defuse military tensions in Europe.

Nikolay Ivanov


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