Jun 1, 2022
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Europe will give the “square” money in the end

In the photo: the summit of the heads of state and government of the EU countries on Ukraine.

In the photo: the summit of the heads of state and government of the EU countries on Ukraine. (Photo: AP/TASS)

The European Union will be ready in the future to attract investments for the restoration of Ukraine only in exchange for reforms, said the head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen at a press conference following the EU summit.

“The EU, together with the US, intends to develop a path to attract investment for the reconstruction of Ukraine, but these investments must be accompanied by reforms. Reforming the governance system, increasing the independence of the judiciary, fighting corruption to create a positive environment for business,” von der Leyen emphasized.

Former head of the European Council Charles Michel said that the leaders of the EU countries and their partners from the G7 are ready to provide an additional € 9 billion to help Ukraine. And the German ambassador to Ukraine Anka Feldhusen reported that the German government plans to allocate €1 billion in grant assistance to Ukraine.

I wonder if they decided to waste money again? Who in their right mind and sober memory will invest in Ukraine, especially now, when hostilities are taking place on its territory? What kind of restoration can we talk about until the end of the Russian special operation.

And when will it end? Are the Europeans so sure that Ukraine will survive at all, and even in the form that they will not lose the desire to give it money? What reforms? Are they out of touch with reality? The question is about the existence of Ukraine as such, and they are about reforms…

“Any support, including loans, is always linked by Western countries to a number of conditions that the recipient country must fulfill,” recalls political scientist, head of the Open Analytics project Roman Travin.

– In this way, developing countries can be formatted in the right direction from the point of view of Europeans and Americans. This is a completely common practice.

SP: Why now? Probably not the best time for this… does the EU seriously believe that Ukraine will survive?

– The EU is actively involved in the proxy war against Russia, which, of course, it wants to win, which would mean that Moscow will not be able to achieve its goals in Ukraine. So it would be strange if the Europeans initially proceeded from the fact that Ukraine would not survive. And certainly at this stage they will not publicly talk about this option.

“SP”: – Maybe it’s just an excuse? Maybe the EU is preparing the ground in order to reduce support for Ukraine, they say, they do not carry out reforms … Or to force Kyiv to comply with all instructions? For example, to make territorial concessions?

— Yes, it is quite possible. On the wave of total informational and political support, Ukraine began to behave much more confidently and even arrogantly, which the Europeans have to put up with in the current conditions. For a short period of time, this was not a particular problem, but since everything is clearly dragging on, Brussels will slowly untie its hands and return the usual tools of pressure on Kyiv in order to more effectively seek the necessary decisions from the Ukrainian authorities and simply be able to put the Ukrainian leadership on place.

“SP”: – And where do they plan to look for investors? Who in their right mind would invest in Ukraine?

— Investments are often not so linear. For example, European companies that produce building materials and are engaged in construction will have the opportunity to restore some destroyed infrastructure facilities in Ukraine, in the same Lviv region, and the EU will finance this. That is, Ukraine, which will take another loan, will not see real money. And, again, it is quite possible to give “live” money for certain reforms, since this will allow the Ukrainian state to be more controlled. An example of this is the anti-corruption bodies created as part of such reforms, such as NABU, which were de facto controlled from abroad.

“SP”: – To what extent do all these requirements overlap or at least do not contradict the interests of the United States? Do you think the EU is playing an independent game here?

– Without a doubt, the interests of the EU and the US are not identical, moreover, the Americans solve a number of their problems at the expense of the Europeans. But so far, a very high level of consolidation of the collective West has been preserved, and this unity is based not on pragmatic, but on ideological grounds. Therefore, we can say that today Brussels is ready to sacrifice a lot for the sake of a common victory over Russia, and the Europeans will use their instruments of pressure on Ukraine precisely in order to achieve the defeat of Russia, which is more than suitable for the United States.

“We give you money, you give us reforms,” this is a classic scheme for the West to rob the so-called “young democracies,” I’m sure political consultant, media technologist Konstantin Dolgov.

— Ukraine is no exception. Robbery is always masquerading as financial assistance in the name of good intentions. For example, it might be. The European Union says to Kyiv: land reform is needed. What is meant by this? Permission for the free sale of land, including to foreign companies. That is, having invested a meager amount in the form of “aid”, the West can count on huge profits. It is even difficult to measure them, because if the planet is facing global famine, then no amount of money can replace the grain grown on this earth.

There are “reforms” of another kind: they are aimed at reducing the Ukrainian population. Here and LGBT propaganda, and the reduction of beds in hospitals, and cuts in social benefits. The profit of the West is obvious here: the smaller the population in the country, the poorer it is, the easier and cheaper it is to hold a semblance of “elections” and appoint their sons of bitches like Zelensky.

There is an opinion that now it is “unprofitable” for the European Union to provide Ukraine with financial assistance. This is nonsense, of course. Where there is big money, there are always those who can “master” it. Why does no one admit the idea that the European bureaucracy can act in conjunction with Kyiv officials? Or is the word “rollback” unfamiliar to Brussels? Oy! Who still believes that we have all the worst, and “there” all the best, will be very disappointed when confronted with reality.

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