Apr 29, 2021
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Europe vs Silicon Valley

Restore the balance of power with America’s tech giants

Europe is set to challenge Silicon Valley’s tech giants. This follows, in particular, from the speech in the European Parliament of the European Union Commissioner for the Internal Market Thierry Breton. Breton seems to want to continue the tough line against Big Tech, – writes Italian version Formiсhe

Thierry Breton

The EU’s strategy to restore the balance of power with America’s tech giants is backed by two pieces of legislation – the Digital Markets Act (Dma) and the Digital Services Act (Dsa)… The first is a competition regulation tool ex ante (contrary to current antitrust laws, which are applied ex post facto, only after anti-competitive behavior has been identified). With the help of the second EU law “Seeks to establish new obligations and responsibilities for digital intermediaries and especially for online platforms in relation to the content they post”

Leading the EU in this direction Thierry Breton, French businessman, former professor Harvard Business School… Was the chairman of the board of the company Honneywell Bull Group, president and chairman of the board of companies Thomson-RCA and France Telecom, Acts (one of the leading international IT companies). He served as Minister of Economy, Finance and Industry in the French government.

“European Commission, – explains Breton, – is ready to use heavy artillery if the heavy fines provided for in the proposal to regulate large technologies, the Digital Services Law and the Digital Markets Law are insufficient to prevent illegal behavior “… Following identity theft incident affecting 530 million users FacebookBreton spoke about the need for a structural division of the web giants in Europe: “We would like to see these large platforms dismantled in case they do not protect their users’ data. Today these platforms must be held accountable for their actions. “

Europe vs Silicon Valley

Thierry Breton, a convinced Gaullist, willingly repeats the words of General de Gaulle that France is always ready to view Europe as a factor in increasing national power, the Italian newspaper notes Daily, “But the whole of Europe must choose whether it will be the object or the subject of a key game in an effort to achieve the strategic and economic balance of the 21st century.”

Breton’s doctrine of technology continues DailyIt is a medium-term plan aimed at creating conditions that guarantee European countries the maximum level of sovereignty in the digital sphere, the possibility of creating supply chains, technological and operational alternatives to such giants as the United States and China, as well as creating European champions in this sector.

“American Internet giants have changed life on the planet in a couple of decades: economy, politics, education, communication and leisure., – notes BBCThe swiftness with which they penetrated all spheres of life and subjugated business, trade and public discourse was a symbol of the technological and monetary superiority of the West. Now it is just as rapidly turning into a headache “

Big Tech schematic map

“Particular concern, – continues BBC, – cause three things. First, monopolization, which kills competition, is the backbone of a market economy. It is expressed not only in how the Internet giants regulate the access of third-party applications to their platforms, but also in how they manage the mass of user data – the most valuable commodity of our time. Secondly, regulators and activists are unhappy with the attitude of the powerful handful to what is happening on their platforms – if only they are profitable. The reluctance to filter content gives a chance to extremists and other dark forces that confuse the minds. And finally, the American giants are emptying the coffers of other countries. Not only do they crowd out local businesses and thus undermine employment and tax revenues. Replacing local entrepreneurs, they intercept their profits, but take them offshore or in the USA “

The European Union has long, but unsuccessfully tried to compete with the American high-tech giants. The EU fined three times Google for a total amount of about $ 9 billion for the fact that the Americans promoted their search engine through their own operating system Android, and your store through a search engine. Facebook and Amazon in turn were punished for using personal data of users to promote their own goods and services, and Apple came under investigation on a complaint from music services, dissatisfied with how the iPhone manufacturer imposes its Apple Music

These cases lasted for years, and the fines for the high-tech giants with revenues were microscopic. And now the EU, as you can see, intend to become more decisive in confronting the Americans. Individual European businessmen are beginning to behave accordingly. For example, billionaire Xavier Niel, for example, revolutionized the French mobile device market. He began to create a semblance of a university campus in California with the opening of an engineering school in Paris.

The omnipotence of Silicon Valley worries not only Europe. In the United States, the line of work of digital giants has been erased, they are trying to rudely control society and limit the natural human right to choose, said President Vladimir Putin at the last World Economic Forum in Davos, held online.

We are talking not only about the economy, but also about the gross interference of these corporations in social and political life. “Now there is a lot of talk about this, especially in relation to the events that took place in the United States during the election campaign. And these are no longer just some kind of economic giants, in some areas they are already de facto competing with the state … Where is the line between a successful global business, with popular services and services, with the consolidation of big data, and rough attempts, at their discretion to govern society … to restrict the natural right of a person to decide for himself how to live, what to choose, what position to freely express “– Putin said.

The line is really blurred. Attempts to “manage society at your own discretion” are becoming practice.

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