Aug 16, 2022
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Europe protests, but “free” media is silent about it

Short-sighted anti-Russian sanctions made life difficult for Europeans

Sanctions against Russia, contrary to the expectations of the West, did not lead to its collapse, but they raised a wave of protests in the states of the European Union, the magazine writes. “Print”. Therefore, the main news of these summer days in the Western media is the lack of news of protests throughout the European Union due to rising living costs due to short-sighted sanctions against Russia.

Protests against soaring prices for everything – and low wages already being eaten away by inflation – have been going on for days in many European cities. And most importantly, the mainstream is unanimously silent about them.

“For example, when the outgoing British Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently rode a bicycle through the Slovenian Alps like an ordinary tourist, the UK and EU media followed his every step without taking their eyes off him. Moreover, they paid much less attention to the fact that the action “Don’t pay!” started in his homeland. Johnson is criticized by many for relaxing and walking while his compatriots are outraged by the rise in the cost of living, and the state, which he leaves in a deplorable state, is falling into decay. But the mainstream media, working under the patronage of Brussels, neglect all this and talk only about the fact that Johnson and his wife Kerry spend a belated “honeymoon” – says the author of the article Svetlana Vasovich-Mekina (Svetlana Vasovich Mekina).

Just an hour to the movement “Don’t pay!” 75 thousand people joined. All these are desperate people who have run out of patience. Therefore, they simply refuse to pay for public services.

The creators of the campaign predict that soon there will be more than a million of them, and then they will start holding mass protests across the country.

The trigger was the energy crisis caused by sanctions against Russia due to a special operation in Ukraine. More such protests are expected in the fall. Therefore, the Deputy Head of the European Commission for the Environment France Timmermans believes that Brussels, together with partners from 27 EU states, must do everything to stop the sharp rise in food and heating prices. Otherwise, Europe will face mass protests and riots.

“Now we must ensure that people do not freeze in the middle of winter”Timmermans says

True, so far all the steps taken by the governments of some states of the European Union are far from the task that they have set for themselves.

“Decrees on restrictions regarding the temperature in public buildings in winter and turning off air conditioners in summer, calls for people to save money, especially on heating, gas and hot water next winter, do not bode well. At the same time, the Russian ruble, instead of collapsing due to European sanctions, as Western leaders foretold when they passed one package of anti-Russian sanctions after another, only strengthened even more. This is a demoralizing factor for the leaders of the European Union, who can no longer hide their impotent rage because of the unsuccessful sanctions.”

– says Svetlana Vasovich-Mekina.

“European unity” has cracked. Four EU governments have already resigned. Mainly because of the consequences of anti-Russian sanctions. This process is unlikely to end in the coming months, the publication predicts.

Some Western media are trying to convince workers that their slowly rising wages “could bring down inflation.” Moreover, they do not point to the fact that inflation is growing mainly due to the huge profits of big capitalists and the fighting in Ukraine, which are fueled and stimulated by Washington.

The first violent protests within the European Union began in the Netherlands among farmers because of the government’s environmental plans to reduce nitrogen emissions. This threatens the collapse of approximately 30% of Dutch farms. The situation was exacerbated by rising prices for food, gas, and artificial fertilizers. Therefore, the outburst of discontent was predictable.

Photo and video footage of clashes between authorities and their own voters on the streets of Dutch cities and villages roam on social networks, but do not appear in the media. Many were especially surprised by the way the protesters were being dealt with.

“Before, such methods were attributed only to “autocratic regimes”, who used to criticize the Rutte government with such enthusiasm,

– the author of “Print” notes.

Demonstrations are becoming more frequent in Germany as well. There, the farmers expressed their solidarity with their Dutch colleagues. Port workers also protested in Hamburg.

According to the German Foreign Minister Analena BourbokSince September, mass protests will begin in Germany. Therefore, Berlin will no longer be able to help Ukraine either with military supplies or financially. And the chancellor’s government Olaf Scholz is already preparing laws that will allow him to use troops against citizens in the fall.

Farmers are also protesting in Spain, and European highways are increasingly blocked by tons of manure.

In Austria, tractors with headlights on are increasingly appearing on the roads.

The deteriorating economic situation in Italy forced people to take to the streets with banners against the current government.

Truckers in Canada and Australia have joined the protests against skyrocketing prices. In the US, some who disagree with the President’s policies Joe Biden in protest against rising gasoline prices, they provocatively unfurled Russian flags and pasted the symbol Z.

Brussels autocrats and their counterparts in European Union capitals will soon experience firsthand what it’s like when “democracy takes to the streets.”

The attempt to bring Russia to its knees with a “brutal blow of sanctions” is returning like a boomerang to the European Union.

“Winter is just around the corner, and Moscow does not hide what response it is preparing. As you know, “revenge is a dish that is served cold”, and these words will be fully justified in the fall. And then the resumption of the Cold War, as Russian Telegram channels are already chuckling now, will acquire a “completely new meaning” in Europe

– ironically “Print”.

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