Jan 30, 2021
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Europe increasingly protests against coronavirus restrictions

The largest riots in 40 years have broken out in the Netherlands. For several days, protesters have been taking to the streets due to new quarantine restrictions. On January 22, for the first time since World War II, a curfew was imposed in the country, and massive protests immediately erupted. City streets are strewn with broken glass and stones, burned-out cars are smoking everywhere.

Europe is increasingly protesting against coronavirus restrictions

Police say they are involved in the protests that have taken over the 10 largest cities “Coronavirus deniers, football fans and Nazis”… A rally in Amsterdam with the participation of more than one and a half thousand people was dispersed using dogs and water cannons. More than a hundred people were arrested. In Eindhoven, the police used tear gas. Protesters set fire to cars, smashed the windows of houses, and smashed shops. At least 30 people were arrested. Protests against coronavirus restrictions are taking place throughout the country – in The Hague, Apeldoorn, Arnhem, Breda, Enschede, Roermond, Tilburg, Venlo.

Europe is increasingly protesting against coronavirus restrictions

In the fishing village of Urk, north of Amsterdam, dozens of people protested against the curfew, throwing stones, fireworks and destroying police cars. The local health department’s coronavirus testing center was set on fire.

The authorities expect an escalation of protests. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte condemned the violence. “This is absolutely unacceptable … This is criminal violence”– said the prime minister. Eindhoven Mayor John Jorritsma put it bluntly about the rise in protests: “This is a surreal situation that no one in the Netherlands expected … People came to riot and attack the police. And if this continues, then we are on the road to civil war … We can no longer regulate this … We must use the army “

Europe is increasingly protesting against coronavirus restrictions

As reported BBCMayors of several Dutch cities have promised to take emergency measures to prevent further unrest. Thus, the mayor of Rotterdam, Ahmed Abbalab (!) Signed a decree on a state of emergency, giving the police broad powers to arrest, and called the protesters “shameless thieves.”

In Denmark, protests continue throughout January. January 25th in Copenhagen, a group called “Men in Black” organized a demonstration of protest against coronavirus restrictions, which also escalated into riots and clashes with police. Protesters carried through the streets a stuffed animal of Danish Prime Minister Mette Friedriksen with a sign on his neck: “She must be killed.” (She must and must be killed), then they hung the effigy on a lamppost and burned it.

Scarecrow of the prime minister of Denmark

In London, police have arrested 21 people during protests against a new round of restrictions. In Edinburgh, the rally “Scotland Against Restrictions” took place near the parliament building. Four demonstrators were arrested. Prague was captured by a 3,000-strong rally under the slogan “Let’s open the Czech Republic” (We will open the Czech Republic), at which entrepreneurs, doctors, students, artists made speeches.

Protests against the lockdown on January 23 took place in Spain as well. According to El País, 1,300 people gathered in the center of Madrid, as a result of which the police fined 216 people. The protesters shouted, “We want to breathe!” and “Illa, Illa, Illa, masks off!”, referring to the Spanish Minister of Health Salvador Illu. The banners read: They Don’t Let Us Work, Plandemic, Covid 1984.

Europe is increasingly protesting against coronavirus restrictions

Germany has seen a series of large-scale protests against coronavirus restrictions in recent months. There was a moment when protesters tried to storm the Bundestag building. Germans have protests against endless lockdown coordinated by movement Thinking outside the box-711 (“Thinking across”).

A common feature of all antiquated protests in Europe is bitterness towards the police, pogroms, arson. All performances are characterized by high social intensity. Most of the protesters understand that the coronavirus lockdown has no rational medical basis, that it is a political “plandemic”.

In the Netherlands, 0.08 percent of the population (10 percent of total mortality) died from the coronavirus during the entire time of the “plandemic”. In Germany, less than 0.07 percent of the population (6 percent of the total mortality). Roughly the same statistics for other European countries.

Europe increasingly protests against coronavirus restrictions

Coronavirus “plandemic” arranged by those who dance to the tune in the European Union Big Pharma, causes more and more resistance of the middle layers. Representatives of almost all social classes participate in the protests. Thus, in Prague, entrepreneurs, doctors, students, and representatives of the creative intelligentsia gather at protest rallies. An increasingly popular American movement QAnon… “Thinking across” borrowed from QAnon slogan Where do we go alone, we go all (Where one goes, everyone goes there). Famous American antivaxer John F. Kennedy’s nephew Robert F. Kennedy, arriving in Berlin, spoke at the same podium with the leader of Thinking Across, Michael Ballweg. AND Business Insider, accusing Ballweg and his movement of right-wing extremism, notes that the German special services are looking for this largest antiquarian organization in Europe “Extremists, extreme right-wing radicals, including neo-Nazis”“Legitimate protest against restrictions on coronavirus is increasingly giving way to universal hatred of government and politics”– says the Minister of the Interior of Germany Thomas Strobl.

Similar sentiments in France. Alesya Miloradovich, an employee of the Paris Academy of Geopolitics, says in an interview with FGC: “More and more French people oppose the measures imposed on them by the sanitary dictatorship. Dr. Fabienne Kedeville, general practitioner, urges to stop using the diabolical logic of prohibitions that do not lead to any positive results. “These measures have no epidemiological significance. But the consequences of such measures are dramatic, both psychologically, economically and socially. This is not about calling for disobedience, but about the logic of taking such measures. ” There are no epidemiological conclusions. No qualified epidemiologist can justify such measures. Psychologist Marie-Estelle Dupont warns of an increase in severe depression and suicidal ideation among adolescents and young people.

Alesya Miloradovich believes that, “In the words of Marat and Danton, the Macron government is preparing for a dictatorship against the French people. The program includes the creation of a police state to suppress the inevitable uprising of the French when they learn about the complete collapse of the European and French economies “

A call has been launched on French social media to declare February 1, 2021 as the Day of Disobedience. The French are urged to throw off their masks, open restaurants and bars, gyms, and stop observing the recommended distance.

The rising protest in Europe more and more unites the most diverse social forces.

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