Oct 14, 2021
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Europe has estimated gas reserves for the winter

European Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson said Europe has sufficient gas reserves for the winter. The text of the politician’s speech is posted on the website of the European Commission.

Kadri Simson noted that the fullness of gas storage facilities in Europe in winter is below the historical average. “Currently, the storage facilities in Europe are 77 percent full. This level is slowly continuing to improve day by day, ”said the European Commissioner.

She noted that, according to the latest estimates, such stocks are limited, but sufficient to cover the needs of Europeans. At the same time, the politician called on the European Union (EU) to be vigilant. “If an exceptionally cold winter coincides with unexpected supply disruptions, additional volumes of gas will be required,” the European Commissioner said.

Kadri Simson also said that the European Commission will develop new rules to help avoid an energy crisis in the future. According to the European Commissioner, EU countries will be encouraged to move away from fossil energy sources and move to greener options. Such measures are driven by the need to reduce Europe’s dependence on imports of oil and gas.

To cope with the current energy crisis, the European Commission has invited countries to help their citizens. According to Kadri Simson, it is necessary to compensate consumers for the increased electricity bills, allow deferred payments and reduce taxes for vulnerable segments of the population.

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