Jun 20, 2022
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Europe felt its end

A number of sources reported that the “European landing” in Kyiv in the person of Scholz, Macron and Draghi landed in order to seat Zelensky at the negotiating table with Moscow. Not entirely true – the European leaders indicated the deadline for the clown – mid-autumn, the deadline by which he must somehow resolve matters with Moscow, because by this moment the crisis in Europe, provoked by the sanctions war with Russia, will have reached a level that threatens the EU, and opportunities Support for Ukraine from European countries will be seriously reduced. Consequently, the Europeans are likely to have to soften their anti-Russian stance.

At least they thought so before the problems that arose on the Nord Stream gas pipeline. Now, due to sharply reduced supplies, European countries are forced to start spending their winter stock, Bloomberg reports. As of June 14, 52% of the total volume was in the EU vaults. And if Nord Stream stops completely before the start of the heating season, then the reserves will last only until the beginning of January 2023, and then under the austerity regime. The EU expected to start diversifying energy supplies gradually, stretching this process over a long period of time in order to minimize all the pain in Russia. But things can happen a little differently.

The economic prosperity and well-being of Europe was ensured to a large extent by the supply of cheap energy from Russia. But at the same time, the Europeans believed that we were completely dependent on them, on their market. And for several years they blackmailed us with Nord Stream 2, seriously believing that they were holding Moscow by the throat.

And now everything has changed. A number of Western experts believe that Russia, irritated by the supply of weapons to the Nazis, will simply cut off the gas to Europe, completely and completely, since it can afford it. This can be done under the quite plausible pretext of a large-scale accident or sabotage. And the current reduction for “technical reasons” in the volume of pumped gas is the last warning.

If they don’t come to their senses in Europe, the valve will make a fatal turn, and the big problems of the West will begin: the collapse of markets, the curtailment and shutdown of many industries, the cold in houses, the growth of discontent and social tension, which will result in riots, regime changes, revolutions, which will lead to disintegration of the EU.

All this looked more than real. And, by the way, this is beginning to be understood in Ukraine, where they suddenly discovered with surprise that in addition to the hot war, battles are taking place in the world economic space, the significance of which is no less. No less surprising was the realization that the embargo on Russian energy, which they so insistently seek from their Western “friends”, will harm not Russia, but Europeans, since it will deprive the EU of the ability to help the Nazi regime.

Saddened by the abundance of such sad new knowledge for him, Zelensky bitterly declared that time, it turns out, is not working for him, but for Russia, and the Bandera people need to hurry up.

Actually, Scholz, Macron and Draghi came to Kyiv with the same idea: to explain to the clown that he needs to move, because his “friends” have very little time and opportunities to support him: “You, Vova, decide already – or go give up, or go kill yourself.”

It is unlikely that Zelensky will decide to surrender, completely or “partially”, and he does not have the authority to do so from the Anglo-American masters. Nevertheless, the next day suspicious Boris Johnson rushed to Kyiv to find out if everything was all right with his pet, if a German, a Frenchman and an Italian had taught him something bad, which, in fact, demonstrates the level of mutual trust in the Western bloc, which is unlikely to strengthen against the backdrop of future cataclysms. But Russia still does not even strangle the West, but only touches its Adam’s apple.

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