Mar 31, 2021
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Europe failed to reconcile Georgia – EU special envoy left Tbilisi

“Even if Danielson comes back tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, nothing will come of it”

Special Representative of the Head of the Council of Europe Charles Michel Swedish diplomat Christian Danielsson left Georgia. He failed to carry out the mission of reconciling the authorities and the opposition, the second attempt, like the first, failed, although the negotiations lasted until late at night on March 30. The only thing he could do was publish proposals to the conflicting parties. The document prioritizes the interests of Georgia, not political parties. But none of the parties accepted these proposals.

“Today I completed my second mediation mission in Georgia as the personal representative of President Michel. This crisis can be resolved and I have a ready-made solution, which speaks about the reform of the electoral system and about the redistribution of power in parliament. This decision should put an end to all disputes. It is a pity that not a single political party made this decision, “

– Christian Danielsson told reporters after the talks.

He agreed that Western partners have no right to impose their decisions on Georgia, and his mission was only to help the conflicting parties find a common language. Politicians must now try to cope with all the challenges themselves and still try to find a compromise.

“European aspirations need compromises, especially from the party in power, to bring the country out of the crisis. Unfortunately, there was no willingness at the table today to reach a compromise. Now I will inform President Michel about what has happened during this week, and he will decide what the next steps will be and when they will be taken. “

– stated the Swedish diplomat.

Political analysts are already saying that Danielsson’s second visit to Georgia demonstrated the EU’s interest in ending the political crisis in the country, as well as that the failure of the negotiations, which hit the image of the Swedish diplomat and the head of the European Council himself, could cost Tbilisi dearly.

Overseas they also constantly make it clear that the US Congress is closely following the events in Georgia and the future attitude of the White House towards Tbilisi will depend on whether politicians pass the “test for democracy”.

“All parties are responsible for the crisis that Georgia is now facing, which has become the culmination of the tense situation of recent years and the failed reforms. The two main political parties and their leaders must analyze their responsibilities to their country and come to an agreement, ”

– quotes a Republican Senator and Co-Chair of the Committee on Foreign Relations James Risch (James Risch) Georgian service of the Voice of America.

Nevertheless, the parties talk about progress in the negotiations – out of five points of the solution proposed by Danielsson, three were agreed. The remaining two are the most controversial issues: the holding of early parliamentary elections and the release of political prisoners. All the leaders of the opposition parties announced that they would not give up these demands, just as the representatives of the ruling party had warned on the eve of the talks – these two issues are not being discussed.

According to the political scientist Vakhtanga Dzabiradze, there is no way out of this crisis.

“Even if Danielson returns tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, and again tries to bring the parties to the negotiating table, nothing will come of it, because the present muddy water must gradually clear up. This also takes time and sound thinking. At these moments, society is only in the role of a spectator, and it has no reaction to what is happening in the opposition and the authorities. When you see no way out, you are a spectator. Society sees no way out either in opposition or in power, and just looks at these endless “squabbles”,

– says Dzabiradze.

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On the picture. Special Representative of the Head of the Council of Europe Charles Michel Swedish diplomat Christian Danielsson leaves Georgia, source – “Echo of the Caucasus”

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