Sep 22, 2021
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Eurobureaucrats again recalled the “polonium scandal”

Photo: European Court of Human Rights (ECHR)

Photo: European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) (Photo: DPA / TASS)

European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) finds Russia responsible for death of former FSB officer Alexandra Litvinenko

Now Moscow (or rather, we, the taxpayers) must pay the plaintiff – the widow Marina Litvinenko – 100 thousand euros in compensation for non-pecuniary damage, as well as to cover legal costs in the amount of 22.5 thousand euros.

The materials of the ECHR say that the Russian side did not conduct an effective internal investigation and did not refute the conclusions of British experts.

– All questions are not to Russia, but to the deceased Berezovsky, – convinced veteran of the special services Alexander Mikhailov. – He “pulled out” Litvinenko, who did not own any state secrets, worked with a gangster environment. By and large, he was of no interest to British intelligence. I am absolutely sure that Berezovsky himself is behind the murder of Litvinenko, who at a certain moment got tired of him.

As for British justice, it is impossible to prove anything to people initially programmed for confrontation. They don’t take any arguments. Therefore, all discussions of the Litvinenko case should be stopped. The topic is closed.

“SP”: – You can close the topic. You just have to pay …

– You won’t have to. We have the priority of Russian law over international law. According to the Constitution.

These words – yes to God in the ears. First, shutting someone else’s mouth is not easy. The story of Litvinenko’s poisoning is unlikely to ever be forgotten. Most likely, she will be dragged out into the world every time she needs to accuse Russia of political murder. If the Russian Federation proudly keeps silent, then the notorious “public opinion” may consider this an admission of guilt. And to ignore the decisions of the ECHR is not as easy as we would like. Even if they are engaged. Because, perhaps, you still have to fork out.

– The execution of the decisions of the European Court is obligatory for Russia, since the Convention on Human Rights is part of our legal system, – explains attorney Peter Khromov… – We, as members of the Council of Europe, retain this commitment. However, the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Russian Federation can apply to the Constitutional Court for compliance of a specific decision with the provisions of the Constitution, because recently the decisions of the ECHR can be executed only taking into account the recognition of the supremacy of the Constitution of the Russian Federation. But there were no such requests before.

The applicant for the complaint to the ECHR was Litvinenko’s widow, Maria Carter (Marina Litvinenko), upon the death of her husband, she is an “indirect victim” in the understanding of the ECHR. It is a common practice of the European Court to lodge complaints about violations of Article 2 of the Convention by the relatives of the victims. Suffice it to recall the ‘Nord-Ost’ case (‘Finogenov and Others v. Russia ”), where the applicants were also made by many of the victims’ relatives. This is in line with our national law, because according to Art. 42 of the Criminal Procedure Code of the Russian Federation, “In criminal cases of crimes, the consequence of which was the death of a person, the rights of the victim are transferred to one of his close relatives.”, – says Peter Khromov.

And what about the people? How did the Russians react to the fact that again Russia is to blame and should be?

“And if we don’t pay, then what, the sanctions will be introduced? what a horror “, – the user sneers Extended .Mi.

“Until the lawyers arrive in Strasbourg in a tank, all this is stupid action and a waste of money, time. For every word usually have to answer, but the ECHR put it on and do not bother “, – it writes Xotum Xotumav

But I’m wondering, when will these “defenders” finally be qualified to name the USA, England, France and NATO in general responsible for the murder of millions of Iraqis, Libyans, Syrians, Afghans? And not only will they name them, but they will also impose sanctions and award, just like the widow of Litvinenko, 100 thousand for each killed? And this is just one example of double standards after which, the faith of all this camarilla is not and cannot be! “ – started thinking Alexander Izaak.

“I would be curious to know how they believe meadow and Kovtun brought polonium to Great Britain. or did they buy it locally? “ – asks a question that is reasonable in principle Konstantin She

Such responses clearly show that most of our fellow citizens in history with the name Putin killed Litvinenko “ do not believe. There are exceptions though:

The time will come, and Russia will have to answer for a lot and in front of many “, Is an opinion Galina Nekrasova

“It is not Russia that is to blame, but the authorities …” – clarifies Andrey Vekshegonov

Well, when supporters of different points of view enter into controversy, then quoting becomes impossible due to the frequent use of profanity.

However, while discussing the cases of bygone days, the UK Crown Prosecutor’s Office brought charges against the third person involved in the poisoning case Julia and Sergei Skripals… This was reported by the anti-terrorism police.

This is the “General of the GRU” Sergey Fedotov… The British consider him to be the coordinator of the actions of the other two accused – Alexander Petrov and Ruslana Boshirova, whom investigators call GRU officers. So the saga with the proceedings at the ECHR will certainly continue.

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