Apr 19, 2021
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Euro footballers

Despite the collapse of the Russian national team at Euro 2012, Alan Dzagoev became one of the main discoveries of that tournament, and the cost of a football player doubled to 25 million euros. And this is how the century happens: on any Euro, newly-made stars are lit, at times – for a long time, at times – only for a few months.

Euro footballers

Give us a look at the most striking examples of such players. If you want to increase your own winnings on a bet, then we have a special Parimatch promo code for now.

Nuno Gomes

He came to Euro 2000 as part of a player that the Portuguese League sighs informed all of, and drove off as a superstar. Nunu first crushed the victorious naga in the super game with the British, and then distinguished himself three more times, becoming the third scorer of the tournament and his bronze medalist. Fiorentina immediately took the not sickly risen footballer for 17 million euros. However, in Italy, the player did not work, and soon he returned to his homeland.

Andrey Arshavin

He was the leader of the excellent 2008 Russian national team. That Euro fell on the peak of the forward. Andrei was head and shoulders above all the partners, and Hiddink built the team’s game through him, which he absolutely did not lose. Andrei went to sell himself, because he dreamed of playing in a European top club, and his thorns burned like forever. The culmination was the quarterfinal match of the tournament with Holland. Without a doubt, not a single Russian player has whiled away the whole game for such a long time. In that match, Andrei did not disconnect for a minute: amazing passes, shots on target by Van Der Sarah. With his game, Arshavin literally brought Georgy Cherdantsev off the intellect, who was screaming the whole match and, surely, if his microphone had broken, they would not have noticed this in Russia, because Georgy’s screams would have been heard from Switzerland even without equipment. Then everyone considered Andrey a genius, even Arsene Wenger, who paid 16.5 million euros for the player. The footballer has had two very strong seasons at Arsenal and is loved in England. And then we seriously discussed that Arshavin could get the Golden Ball. Now, unfortunately, it is impossible to say about a single Russian player even close to such.

Wayne Rooney

He revealed himself very prematurely. At 18, he went to Euro 2004 and stunned the whole world. Even then it became clear that Rooney is a machine. The then Everton striker was the epitome of ’00s English football. He fiercely fought for the ball, was fleshly developed, and from him one could immediately see that this guy loves football more than anything in the world. At the age of 18, this can be found in many, but about Rooney this could be said to the very end of his career. In general, at Euro he crushed four goals, becoming the second scorer of the tournament and the goal of many clubs. On the final day of the € 37 million transfer window, he deserted to Manchester United, becoming the most expensive player in U20 football history. And, unlike Michael Owen, he was able to pave the utilitarian whole career in one team that became for him a hard-earned team. He was very stable and efficient. However, at the same time he didn’t give up to root for Everton, and after the birth of the child, he hung his entire bedroom with the emblems of “toffee”, albeit then he was already a player of Manchester United. However, Wayne stated that everyone in his family is a fan of Everton, and his son will also be a fan of the Blues.

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