Jun 14, 2022
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EU to Putin: We will take Ukraine’s independence

EU to Putin: We will take Ukraine's independence

Photo: IMAGO/Image of the Future/TASS

Shortly after the start of the Russian special operation to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine, the regime Vladimir Zelensky quickly concocted an application for the country’s entry into the European Union, seriously hoping that the imminent official recognition of the “independent” at least as a candidate state for membership “will provide an increase in morale in wartime.” That the EU is simply obliged to take a historic step and prove that “the words about the belonging of the Ukrainian people to the European family are not empty words.”

The debates of the European Commissioners on this occasion that began on June 13 seem to have shown that the functionaries of the Old World are determined to recommend to the heads of state and government of Europe to grant Ukraine the coveted official status of a candidate for EU membership at the upcoming summit in Brussels on June 23-24

Officials familiar with these discussions said that all European commissioners are clearly aware of the need to send a “strong signal” to the Russian president. Vladimir Putin that he had lost the chance to bring Ukraine back into his supposed sphere of influence.

“The commission does not forget that Ukraine is the only country in Europe where people died, where people were shot because they were standing on the streets with EU flags,” a senior European official told Politico. “Now we can’t tell them: Sorry guys, you were waving the wrong flags.”

The hysterical media of the “independence” are already selling this story to their readers under the sauce of “the long-awaited recognition of Ukrainians as full-fledged members of the European family” and “indicating barbaric Russia its place in the civilized world.”

But, firstly, Ukraine is still very, very far away from the “long-awaited entry into the family of European peoples”. At the very least, this is extremely insulting for Turkey, which has been dangling in the status of a candidate country since 1999, despite the fact that it is, in fact, a NATO member state. France, Denmark and the Netherlands are skeptical, while the German chancellor Olaf Scholz claims that “it will not adopt any special rules to accelerate Ukraine’s accession to the EU.”

And among the states that have signed association agreements with the European Union, this idea also does not enjoy unconditional approval. In particular, the Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Garibashvili commented indignantly on the news that appeared in the media that Ukraine would be given the status of a candidate for the European Union, while Tbilisi’s application would not be given further progress. “If someone is entitled to EU membership, then Georgia, and then Ukraine and Moldova,” he said, stressing that Georgia deserved this status by “30 years of struggle on the path of building democracy” and the reforms that Tbilisi has carried out in recent years. years.

Secondly, with “indicating the place of barbarian Russia,” things are also far from being as rosy as the “Svidomo” would like.

– Yes, relatively recently, the presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov noted that the EU is turning into a kind of military-political bloc, imposing anti-Russian sanctions and making strange statements about the resolution of the Ukrainian conflict on the battlefield, so that Russia quite reasonably has certain questions and concerns about the stubborn desire of the “square” to Europe, shared with “SP” their view of what is happening Head of the Center for Settlement of Social Conflicts, political scientist Oleg Ivanov. – However, let’s not forget that in this case we are only talking about granting Ukraine the status of a candidate member of the EU, and this issue, as well as the country’s direct entry into the European Union, can be considered for years. Look, Turkey has been seeking EU membership for almost a quarter of a century, being a candidate, but it seems to me that it will never achieve this.

Exactly the same fate, I believe, awaits Ukraine. Even if in June it is given the status of a candidate for EU membership, it will not become a full-fledged member of it, because such a decision is based not on economic, but purely political opportunistic interests. Those countries that are now against it, I think, will somehow “break it”, but for Ukraine itself this will not bring at least some tangible preferences. Rather, on the contrary, it will impose certain obligations on it, leading to the loss of a certain part of its sovereignty.

“Russia itself will not be warm or cold from granting Ukraine the status of a candidate for EU membership,” he expressed a solidarity point of view on what is happening political scientist Marat Bashirov. – But the “square” upon receipt of it will have to sign a “road map”, which implies the mandatory change of several tens of thousands of legal acts and laws.

This, in particular, will lead to a change in the technical regulations under which agricultural products are now grown there, which means that Ukrainian enterprises will either have to invest heavily in modernization, or simply close down, because they are not ready for all this.

Moreover, along with the status of an EU candidate, Ukraine will have to prepare for the introduction of strict quotas in the agricultural and agricultural sectors. To produce a strictly limited number of tomatoes, for example, to grow a strictly rationed amount of wheat, and so on. This is a very long, and most importantly, destructive path for Ukraine itself, which will lose many sales markets in favor of European companies.

“SP”: – So why is the Kyiv regime with donkey stubbornness trying to get the status of a candidate? Does he not understand such obvious things?

– The status of an EU candidate state is, in fact, a candy wrapper that does not guarantee anything, akin to what applicants receive when entering a university. There is a piece of paper, but you still have to pass exams, and a million times more difficult. So this is just some kind of selling an idea to your own population in order to distract them from the real problems that hang over Ukraine like thunderclouds. Nothing else, I assure you, is behind Kyiv’s stubborn aspirations.

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