Mar 29, 2021
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EU to allocate € 276 million to build migrant camps in Greece

The European Union will allocate 276 million euros for the construction and renovation of five camps for migrants on the Greek islands of Samos and Lesvos. This was stated by the European Commissioner for Internal Affairs Ilva Johansson, who arrived there on a working visit.

In addition, she called on Turkey to urgently accept refugees who failed to obtain asylum in Greece, AFP reports.

Earlier on Monday it became known that the heads of the European Council and the European Commission will arrive in Turkey on April 6 for talks with the president of the republic. The topics of the negotiations were not specified.

Late last year, it was reported that the European Court of Justice found Hungary guilty of violating EU rules on migrants.

It was about the illegal placement of refugees in custody, their transfer to transit zones without observing the guarantees associated with the return procedure, and about restricting access to international protection.

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