Sep 9, 2021
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EU punished Poland and Hungary with money

In Warsaw, the decision of the European Commission was called an attempt to limit Polish sovereignty

Brussels decided to punish the obstinate members of the European Union – Poland and Hungary, without allocating funds for these countries to restore their national economies after the coronavirus pandemic. In total, funds were allocated to 18 EU countries, which obediently fulfill the directives of Brussels and diligently carry out all the recommended liberal reforms.

Poland was supposed to receive € 57 billion, and Hungary – € 7.2 billion, now this aid remains frozen, the European Commission believes that the laws adopted in Budapest and Warsaw “Contradict European standards and undermine the rule of law”

The European Union promises that finances will be available to these countries only after the European Commission is convinced that all national laws comply with European requirements.

“There is a link between the allocation of funds and the annual recommendations for specific countries. To Poland, we made some comments on the independence of the justice system. As for Hungary, it was pointed out the need to better organize the fight against corruption. Therefore, the European Commission has set some conditions on the way to financing “,

– explained the European Commissioner for Justice Didier Reynders

Poland did a terrible thing from the point of view of Brussels – it doubted that European laws are higher than Polish ones, and the government of this country applied to the Constitutional Court with a request to rule that national legislation is higher than the norms of the European Union.

Minister of Justice of Poland Zbigniew Zebro has already called the initiative of the European Commission “aggression” against Poland, an attempt to limit Polish sovereignty and an attack on Polish legislation.

“The EU knows that the European Union has no right to interfere in the issues of the systemic organization of the judiciary in the EU countries. This follows not only directly from the letter of the EU treaties, but also decisions of the constitutional courts of many EU countries, ”

– the minister recalled in his speech at the briefing.

Brussels also has claims to Hungary – where the parliament adopted amendments to the law on combating pedophilia. Now these amendments restrict the dissemination of information about LGBT people among children and adolescents, which the European Union cannot accept in any way, calling such a restriction a violation of civil liberties. In addition, both Poland and Hungary refuse to accept illegal migrants and refugees on their territories, claiming that they have enough Ukrainians.

However, the European Commission not only refused to provide financial assistance to Poland and Hungary, but also filed a lawsuit with the European Court, demanding that Warsaw pay daily fines – for every day while the laws are in force in the country. “Violating the independence of the judiciary”

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