Oct 19, 2021
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EU promised Minsk new sanctions

The next EU sanctions package will concern Belavia airline and travel agencies of Belarus

On Monday, October 18, a scheduled meeting of the EU Council at the level of foreign ministers took place in Luxembourg. One of the main topics of this meeting was the preparation for the Eastern Partnership summit scheduled for December this year. For the first time in the history of the project, representatives of Belarus were not invited to this summit.

The second main topic of discussion was Belarus itself – the foreign ministers of the EU countries discussed a new block of sanctions against Belarus, emphasizing that this sanctions package should include not only sanctions against specific individuals, but also restrictions on enterprises. In particular, we are talking about the state airline “Belavia” and a number of travel companies.

“We need to introduce stricter sanctions, especially given the fact that Lukashenka still uses migration as a weapon. We need to impose sanctions against the tourism sector, against travel companies that organize flights to Europe. It is also necessary to impose strict sanctions against Belavia so that the company does not receive any technical support even when carrying out connecting flights, ”

– took the floor, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia Edgars Rinkevics immediately upon arrival at a meeting of the EU Council in Luxembourg.

He also suggested discussing the issue of support from the European Union to the Belarusian opposition media and the “civil society” of this country.

German Foreign Minister joined the appeals of the Latvian minister Heiko Maas, stating that Minsk uses illegal migrants to put pressure on Europe.

According to him, “Lukashenka is none other than the head of the state network of carriers of illegal migrants”… In his own country, the head of Belarus suppresses the opposition and violates human rights, and in general – “The whole political situation in this country is dramatic”

“We will no longer tolerate the presence of companies that make money by bringing refugees to Germany and other European countries. Therefore, we must discuss the implications for airlines and that we need sanctions that would clearly state that we are not ready to tolerate such actions, ”

– said Maas in his speech.

The head of the Luxembourg foreign ministry also joined the requirements of the sanctions Jean Asselborn, noting that he is very concerned about the situation with the influx of migrants in Lithuania and Poland.

However, not all foreign ministers of the EU countries were unanimous on this issue. Thus, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ireland Simon Covenie warned the EU Council that his country does not intend to break the existing contracts for the leasing of Belarusian aircraft, the only thing that can promise is to think about concluding new agreements.

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