Sep 4, 2021
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EU prepares fifth package of sanctions for Belarus

Minsk is sure: the EU is trying to shift the blame on Belarus

Last week, the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament held hearings on the situation on the borders of the European Union with Belarus, to which representatives of Lithuania, Poland and Latvia, states faced with an influx of illegal migrants, were invited. Representatives of these countries are confident that all this is a hybrid attack from the Lukashenka regime and demand that Brussels take urgent measures.

“The illegal border crossings that we see on the eastern borders of the EU are an unprecedented and egregious hybrid attack on the EU by the Lukashenka regime. Its goal is to change the EU policy: to lift the European sanctions and force the EU to stop supporting the Belarusian civil society, ”

stated in his speech, Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia Zanda Kalnina-Lukashevica

Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Mantas Adomenas I am sure that the European Union is simply obliged to give a “decisive answer” to Minsk, otherwise new attacks will follow from the Belarusian side.

And the permanent representative of Poland to the EU Andrzej Sadosz told the MEPs about how Lukashenko invites migrants to Minsk, and then takes them to the borders with the European Union.

The representatives of Lithuania, Latvia and Poland managed to convince the Foreign Affairs Committee to start preparing a new package of European sanctions against Belarus. At the same time, a number of MEPs supported the proposal of the Baltic countries and Poland to toughen the previously imposed sanctions. Who will fall under the new sanctions is not yet known. Suggestions were made to pay special attention to Belarusian judges and prosecutors, who “participate in repressions against the Belarusian people“.

Mantas Adomenas made a proposal to impose sanctions against Belavia, although it has long been banned from flying to the European Union. Kalninya-Lukashevitsa also proposed adding Belarusian travel companies to the sanctions lists. She is sure that it is they who bring migrants to the Latvian borders.

“Of course, we will continue to fight this terrible abuse of migrants and human suffering by the Lukashenka regime. The fight against this will include sanctions – work on the fifth package begins right now with the participation of the EU member states, ”

– quoted by a European news site Euronews Representative of the European External Action Service Luca Devin

According to Devin, the fifth package of sanctions will be ready by the end of September.

In Belarus, they are sure that such actions of the European Union contradict international law.

Deputy Permanent Representative of Belarus to the OSCE Andrey Lozovik said that the increase in the number of illegal migrants was influenced by “the closure of cooperation projects on border issues and international technical assistance by Brussels“. The Belarusian side is physically unable to stop the flows of refugees without EU assistance.

“We have repeatedly appealed to the European Commission with proposals to hold appropriate consultations, but these appeals remain unanswered so far. You can invent hybrid fables as much as you like, but the border should be a line of cooperation, and any issues on it are successfully resolved only through mutually respectful dialogue, ”

– they think in Minsk.

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