Sep 2, 2021
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EU is no longer Georgia’s boss

The political crisis in the country is gaining momentum – municipal elections are ahead

By refusing the second part of European macro-financial assistance (which, in fact, is just a loan) in the amount of 75 million euros, the Georgian government has incurred the wrath of both Brussels and its own opposition.

MEPs Viola von Cramont (Green Party, Germany) and Andrius Kubilius (European People’s Party, Lithuania) harshly criticized the ruling Georgian Dream party and stated that Georgia had not fulfilled all the conditions for reforming its judicial system, so no one would have given it money, they refused in vain.

In Georgia, journalists asked the Prime Minister for comments Irakli Garibashvili and asked to assess the criticism from the MEPs. These comments caused a new wave of indignation.

“The MEP is not my boss. My boss is the Georgian people. I am not interested in what the MEP will say. I tell my people: it was a loan, which we refused, because this money became a pretext for political speculation, ”

– said the Prime Minister.

He recalled that last year Georgia took out a large loan, which laid a heavy burden on the country, therefore it was decided not to increase debts, but to get rid of them gradually.

As for the accusations of the European Parliament that Georgia failed to cope with the judicial reform, Garibashvili is sure that the judicial system of Georgia is far ahead of the judicial systems of the current EU member states.

“We believe that we have carried out radical reforms in the court, this process is not completed, it continues. As the saying goes, “Rome was not built in one day,” it takes time. During these eight years we have made a lot of progress ”,

– reminded Garibashvili.

And the head of the Georgian Foreign Ministry David Zalkaliani explained: Brussels and Tbilisi perceive the reforms being carried out in Georgia differently. On the eve of the EU representative in Georgia Julien Crump criticized both the rejection of European money and the Georgian judicial reform, accusing the government of not following the recommendations of the Venice Commission.

“The reforms are continuing, and by the spring of 2022 we should have a full-fledged system, which was negotiated with our European partners, this is Georgia’s commitment. Georgia has fulfilled most of the recommendations of the Venice Commission, but here we have a difference with the European Union in the perception of these reforms. The EU believes that this is not enough. However, the reforms are ongoing and will continue in the future, ”

– said in a statement by the Georgian Foreign Ministry.

But the surprises of Georgian politics did not end there.

As a reminder, the Georgian Dream party made a decision to withdraw from the agreement with the opposition, adopted with the participation of Charles Michel, because the largest opposition party “United National Movement” (party Mikhail Saakashvili) refused to sign it. The withdrawal of the “Georgian Dream” from the Agreement provoked a new round of the political crisis in Georgia.

Therefore, UNM’s statement about its decision to sign this Agreement came as a surprise to everyone.

“We, the National Movement, are signing the agreement of April 19, which underscores our belief that, together with other pro-Western forces, we will win the referendum on October 2. We are signing an agreement so that the dream of the “Georgian Dream” does not come true and the Western partners, because of this unreliable government, do not distance themselves from the Georgian people, which will ultimately affect the country ”,

– said the leader of “UNM” Nika Melia… Of course, the UNM had all the opportunities to sign the document before, but the party did not do this in order to provoke a political crisis. And when he was on the doorstep, the agreement was suddenly signed.

Opposition party’s decision welcomed by U.S. Ambassador to Georgia Kelly Degnan, noting on Thursday, September 2, that this is a good sign and evidence of the continuation of democratic reforms in the country. And regarding the refusal of the government from European “aid” she made a significant promise: “I am confident that the US Congress will take into account the statement of the Georgian government to refuse aid in the amount of 75 million euros.”

The political crisis in Georgia is gaining momentum – municipal elections are ahead.

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