Oct 29, 2021
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EU fined Poland – Warsaw is not ready to pay

“Poland’s response should be a boycott of the European Union”

The European Court ruled that Warsaw is obliged to pay a daily fine of one million euros until Polish legislation meets European standards, in particular, Brussels insists on the elimination of the disciplinary chamber of the Supreme Court of Poland. Thus, the conflict between Poland and the European Union, which has been going on for several years, has entered a new phase.

Earlier, the European Court of Justice also ruled by its decision to oblige Poland to pay a daily half-million fine for refusing to close a coal mine on the border with the Czech Republic. However, Warsaw has already announced that they are not going to comply with either the previous court decision or the new one.

“The European Union was built on the principle that member states follow a single set of rules, even if they have the final say in some areas of policy. The situation is complicated by Poland’s friend in the EU, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who supports all decisions of Warsaw and opposes any sanctions against Poland, ”

– stated in an article published on the website of the American TV channel CNBC

EU fined Poland - Warsaw is not ready to pay

And the Polish national newspaper Dziennik Gazeta Prawna quotes the Polish MP Janusz Kowalski, which calls for a boycott of the European Court’s ruling on daily fines of one million euros.

“The hybrid war between the EU and Poland continues. Poland’s official response to the blackmailing of the European Commission should be a boycott of the European Union and blocking all further EU decisions until Brussels and Luxembourg again respect the rule of law, ”

wrote on your page in the social network Twitter Kowalski.

EU fined Poland - Warsaw is not ready to pay

Vice Speaker of the Polish Sejm Ryszard Terletsky urged all Poles to calm down, remove emotions and not panic, since Warsaw has not yet paid a single euro fine and it is quite possible that Europe will soon abandon such ideas, according to the Polish Internet portal, which collected comments from Polish politicians.

EU fined Poland - Warsaw is not ready to pay

According to the deputy head of the Polish Ministry of Justice, Sebastian Kalet, the European Court has completely ignored the Polish constitution, besides, it abuses the introduction of penalties and punishments and acts outside its competence.

“The decision of the EU court to impose a fine on Poland is, unfortunately, another proof that European institutions prefer not to engage in dialogue, but to exert pressure. It hurts mutual trust. Poland has the right to independently form its legal system ”,

– quotes Oh no statement by the MEP from the Law and Justice party and ex-prime minister Beatu Shidlo.

Well, the European Internet edition Euronews recalls that Warsaw may not pay fines every day, but the amount of the fine will be automatically deducted from the funding that Poland receives from European funds, including from the Pandemic Recovery Fund.

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