Oct 17, 2020
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EU expanded anti-Syrian sanctions

The European Union has expanded sanctions against Syria by blacklisting seven ministers of the republic, TASS reports, referring to the statement of the EU Council, circulated today, October 16, in Brussels.

“Today, the Council decided to introduce targeted restrictive measures against newly appointed ministers in Syria,” the agency quotes the text of the statement. "Seven new ministers have been added to the EU sanctions list."

According to the official journal of the European Union, which published the relevant regulations, the list includes the ministers of internal trade and consumer protection, culture, education, justice, hydropower and water resources, as well as finance and transport.

A total of 280 people and 70 organizations are now blacklisted for ATS. They are prohibited from visiting the EU, and their assets, if any, in the territory of the community are subject to freezing. The sanctions also include a ban on oil imports, restrictions on certain investments, a freeze on the assets of the Syrian Central Bank, restrictions on the export of equipment and technology that can be used for internal repression, as well as for monitoring or intercepting Internet or telephone communications.

The Council of the European Union recalled that the current anti-Syrian sanctions were introduced in 2011 "in response to the brutal repression against the Syrian civilian population." “They also target companies and prominent businessmen who benefit from their ties to the regime and the military economy,” the statement said, among other things.

It is clarified that any decision to extend the sanctions must be made by the EU Council on an annual basis.

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