Jan 3, 2022
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EU doubts Georgia’s European aspirations

Head of the EU Delegation in Tbilisi Karl Harzel congratulated Georgia and Georgians on the New Year 2022. In his congratulations, he recalled all the events of the past year, especially the failed attempt of the head of the European Council Charles Michel to reconcile the warring political forces in the country.

However, the European Union delegation to Georgia, instead of congratulating on the New Year, issued a statement in which it criticized another willful act of the Georgian parliament.

It is about the abolition of the State Inspector Service, which, according to the EU delegation, carries “high risks” for Georgian democracy.

As a reminder, the Service was liquidated the day before the New Year.

“The State Inspector Service is an independent mechanism in Georgia to investigate cases of ill-treatment and abuse of power committed by law enforcement officials, and thus is a key institution for a well-functioning democracy and the protection of human rights,”

– said in the statement of the EU delegation to Georgia.

And the acting head of the EU delegation to Georgia Asuncion Sanchez Ruiz recalled that Brussels not only took the most direct part in the creation of this Service, but also invested “significant financial and human resources” in its creation and development, which the EU now regrets. As well as the fact that the representatives of the European Union did not manage to find a common language with the ruling Georgian Dream party and with the parliament. And now in Brussels there is every reason to doubt the commitment of the Georgian authorities to a genuine reform of justice, without which it is impossible to talk not only about real democracy and the observance of human rights in the country, but also about “The proper implementation of the Association Agreement between the EU and Georgia and the advancement of Georgia’s European aspirations”– reminded Sanchez Ruiz.

Nevertheless, the new year has already brought good news – the mass hunger strike of the supporters of the third president of Georgia was suddenly stopped. Mikhail Saakashviliwho tried in this way to secure his release. By January 1, 160 people remained on hunger strike near the central office of the opposition United National Movement party in Tbilisi (according to the UNM, from 200 to 300 people began to starve).

Already in the coming year, Saakashvili addressed the starving people and called on all the protesters to end the hunger strike.

“Mikheil Saakashvili worries about the health of every hunger striker and said that he himself would be forced to resume the hunger strike, which we have no right to allow, since Saakashvili’s hunger strike could lead to a fatal outcome. We decided to move on to the next stage of the struggle “,

– explained the chairman of the United National Movement party Nicanor Meliawithout specifying what is meant by “The next stage of the fight”

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