May 3, 2021
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EU: And what about us ?!

In the photo: the head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell

In the photo: the head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell (Photo: AP / TASS)

The European Union is very offended by Russia. We do not love them and do not respect them. We admit all sorts of assaults from scratch and injustice. Has the kind old Europe, with her traditional and new very unconventional values, really deserved it?

So the other day Joseph BorrellThe High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, that is, the head of the European Foreign Ministry and their FSB in one person, expressed his indignation at the Russian sanctions, moreover, in retaliation, against eight European officials.

Borrell called these measures “unacceptable”, “devoid of any legal basis” and “unsubstantiated.” And generally speaking “Moscow’s actions clearly demonstrate that the Russian authorities have chosen the path of confrontation rather than seeking to reverse the negative trajectory of relations between the EU and Russia.”

And really, why did the Russian authorities suddenly get so angry and closed the entrance to our country, for example, to the President of the European Parliament? David Maria Sassoli? The dearest man! A former political journalist, father of two, he is interested in classical music, Roman history and gardening.

True, for the period from July 2019, when Sassoli headed the European Parliament, and to this day, the representative body of the EU led by him loved Russia so much that the gums ache from these kisses passionately.

Here are just a few of the resolutions adopted in Strasbourg:

September 19, 2019“On the importance of preserving historical memory for the future of Europe”: the pact is condemned MolotovRibbentrop, and the Soviet Union is not only put on a par with Nazi Germany, but is essentially accused of unleashing World War II. Such a resolution was adopted, among other things, by representatives of countries that not only fought on the side of the fascist Reich, but also took an active part in the conquest campaign to the East or actively collaborated with the Nazis, providing them with labor and weapons;

October 10, 2019“On foreign interference and misinformation in national and European democratic processes”: Russia is accused of waging a hybrid war, cyberattacks, stimulating Brexit and financing a number of European political parties, “anti-Eurasian” orientation – such as the French “National Association”, the Austrian Freedom Party, the Italian “League” and others;

September 17, 2020“The situation in Russia, the poisoning of Alexei Navalny”: well, of course, we are talking about Russia’s violation of the chemical weapons convention, the use of toxic and nerve agents against opponents of the current government, murder or attempted murder Anna Politkovskaya, Boris Nemtsov, Vladimir Kara-Murza and others, violation of the norms of democracy, trampling on something else and so on blah blah blah;

April 29, 2021“On mutual actions in relation to Russia in connection with history Alexey Navalny (he was given to them – Auth.), military activity on the border with Ukraine and Russian attacks on the Czech Republic “: Regarding all this rubbish, invented or even mythical threats, the European Parliament proposes to disconnect Russia from the international system of bank payments SWIFT, to stop the construction of the already actually built Nord Stream 2, and also to abandon the import of oil and gas from Russia.

In general, they press us without stopping in their European embraces, we have no reason to pinch the European Parliament and its chairman …

Other innocent European sheep are no less interesting. For example, the Deputy Chairman of the European Commission, the European Commissioner for Justice, Consumer Rights and Gender Equality Vera Yurova (Yourova), representing the Czech Republic in the EU authorities, links the sanctions against itself with the explosions seven years ago at military depots in the Czech village of Vrbetice, although where is the illegal arms business and the European official responsible for transparency and protection of the rights of sexual minorities? In Brussels there is an elder, and in Prague there is an uncle, more precisely, two Russian uncles with dynamite in one pocket and the terrible poison “Novichok” in the other. Or maybe we don’t know something about Ms. Yurova? There she defends sexual perverts, here she fights for consumer rights, and she also sews a little? ..

Anyway. Another thing is interesting – the attitude of Yurova (Yoruva) to Russia. Here’s what she said about the Russians and Russia in particular: Russia’s constant attempts to spread misinformation and undermine human rights deserve a strong and lasting reaction. ”

And what, what kind of response did the Czech-Brussels Euro-lawyer expect?

This same Yurova (Yoruva) resembles characters from the novel about the brave soldier Švejk, a classic of Czech literature Yaroslav Hasek:

– Passion! Can’t help it! But worst of all, when he finds passion for women. A few years ago in Prague II, there were two abandoned witch-ladies <…> by the names of Mourkov and Shouskova.

Once, when cherry blossoms were blooming in the Roztok alleys, they caught there in the evening an old impotent man – a hundred-year-old organ grinder, dragged him to the Roztok grove and raped him there. What did they not do with him! <…> On the fifth day the organ-grinder died. BUT these bitches got so impudent that they came to the funeral. This is perversity!“.

So Yurova (Yuruva) twists the selected old organ, not realizing that the European Commission will not be able to rape Russia. Although I really want to …

By the way, in the list of castrés … sorry, the head of the Estonian Language Department is also included in the list of EU sanctioned officials Ilmar Tomusk, Chairman of the Latvian National Council for Electronic Media Ivars Abolins, Director of the Center for the State Language of Latvia Maris Baltins, that is, those people who not only ignore the rights of national minorities to use Russian and teach children in it, but also put pressure on their own citizens and non-citizens in every possible way (this is such a democratic phenomenon in the Baltic countries – Auth.) who dare to demand something in relation to the “language of the occupiers.”

Well, and other ardent Rus-lovers from Germany, France and Sweden. All of them are completely incomprehensible to the measures of Russia, which included them in the list of unwanted persons. They are very offended, they cannot eat.

For instance, Jacques Major, a member of the French delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, the one who was the special rapporteur at the session on Navalny, loudly outraged: This decision is surprising, because today tensions primarily concern Russia and The European Union, and the Council of Europe is not associated with these sanctions measures. The Council of Europe has not adopted any sanctions against Russia … ”.

And Borrell, in pursuit, publicly expressed “complete solidarity” to the defendants who fell under the Russian horse.

Well, the right word, not the EU, but some kind of kindergarten. Everything is like in a classic hohlyatsky joke: “- Petro, let’s go beat the Muscovites! – And if they clean up our mug? – And what about us?

But let’s return to the statements of the head of European diplomacy Borrell. More precisely, to his passage when Josep complains: they say, Russia does not want to reverse the negative trajectory of its relations with the European Union. They say they behave badly in the Kremlin and on Smolenskaya Square.

And here we cannot but agree with Borrell: indeed, they behave badly in Moscow. Extremely indecisive and inconsistent. They impose sanctions on only eight European bureaucrats. Instead of completely and finally, sharply and decisively breaking off any relationship with a malignant growth, we are depriving Europe on the body – by the European Commission and its numerous metastases, which have spread to different cities in Belgium, France, Holland and other once independent and independent countries. With all these PACE, ECHR, international courts and other offices, which for the entire period of their existence have not adopted a single (!) Benevolent or even neutral resolution addressed to Russia.

Why are we in them, and why we pay large contributions to the maintenance of these hotbeds of Russophobia, is the biggest mystery of international Russian politics.

To begin with, you just need to close the EU mission in Moscow, which, by the way, occupies a huge mansion on the Kadashevskaya embankment of the capital, and send the ambassador and his staff home. We will always be bad for them. Well, why pull the rubber. Tear and trample everything. Out of sight, out of mind…

Let them spite and slander from there.

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