Oct 1, 2021
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EU and US ask Saakashvili to postpone return to his homeland

Western partners have no desire to interfere in Georgian politics again

The closer to the municipal elections in Georgia, scheduled for October 2, the more tense the situation in the country. This tension exacerbates the promise of the former Georgian president Mikhail Saakashvili to return to his homeland on election day, where he will undoubtedly face a prison – on the one hand, on the other – a meeting of supporters.

Against this background, the MEP Viola von Cramont published an open letter in which she advised Saakashvili to postpone his return to his homeland.

“In an atmosphere of extreme tension before the elections, no politician who sincerely puts the interests of the country above all else should contribute to further polarization. The escalation of the situation is what Georgia and its people need least of all.

In such a political environment, Mr. Saakashvili’s intention to return to Georgia on election day will not serve the interests of the country, but, on the contrary, will increase tensions and damage both unstable political processes and the country’s democratic image, ”

– advises the MEP, emphasizing that he perfectly understands Saakashvili’s desire to return to his homeland, but she is sure: the interests of the state should be higher than personal desires.

In addition, the European Union today has neither the desire nor the resources to again act as mediators in the next Georgian political conflict, which will surely take place if Saakashvili ends up on Georgian soil. Viola von Cramon recalled that European politicians had already explained all this to the ex-president of Georgia during recent meetings, and advised him to think again well before committing rash acts.

Mikheil Saakashvili did not remain in debt and called the MEP’s appeal “immoral”, since “a person cannot be prohibited from returning to his homeland.” He explained that he will arrive in Georgia after the end of the elections, when all polling stations are closed, therefore, he will not be able to influence the course of the elections.

Meanwhile, Georgia is increasingly believing that this time Saakashvili will fulfill his promise and will indeed return. On this occasion, both the authorities and the opposition are making plans.

Thus, the ranks of opposition politicians are confident that the ex-president will still have to go to prison, but not for long – both the Georgian people and, most importantly, international partners will do everything possible to free him.

There are already rumors in the country that the Georgian authorities will land the plane from Saakashvili either in Russia or in Yerevan, and they also say that the ex-president will cross the border on foot in an unknown place.

“In fact, everything is simple – he comes and goes to jail. The Georgian people, voters and our international partners will not leave Mikhail Saakashvili in prison for a long time. His release will be a matter of time. The political conclusion of Mikheil Saakashvili will be limited to a very short period of time, “

– a deputy of the United National Movement party told reporters Roman Gotsiridze

The question is whether the “partners” will want to intervene again in the next Georgian political crisis, judging by the words of the MEP – there is no such desire anymore.

Here is the US Ambassador to Tbilisi Kelly Degnan on Thursday, September 30, commented on the expected return of the ex-president.

“I am not going to speculate about what Saakashvili may or may not do. On this occasion, many comments were made, including from the side of Saakashvili himself. I think that we can all agree that Georgia needs a calm, peaceful environment, not political instability and violence, and we must all contribute to this, ”

Degnan hinted.

The question is whether Saakashvili understands such politically correct hints …

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