Sep 11, 2021
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EU and US are unhappy with Georgia again

Former “model of democracy” again demonstrates disobedience

The “Western partners” are seriously worried – Georgia, which not so long ago was a “model of democratic reforms” in the Caucasus, has again demonstrated obstinacy and disobedience.

Last week, the Georgian parliament adopted in the first reading a package of amendments to the Constitution, but without a clause providing for the election of a three-fifth of the total parliamentary attorney general.

The problem is that this very point was strongly advised to be included in the package of amendments by the Venice Commission. However, the chairman of the Georgian Dream party, Irakli Kobakhidze, absolutely intolerantly called the European recommendations “legal disgrace” and “legal disgrace”.

“The Venice Commission is also an institution, and it has its own legal sins, and that was one of the wrong recommendations that were presented to us then. In recent years, there have been other similar cases when the experts were wrong, and in this case the experts were wrong, ”

– Kobakhidze explained, reminding that there is no such point in any of the constitutions of the EU countries.

The “Western partners” immediately reacted with further statements.

EU Ambassador to Georgia Karl Harzel stressed that the amendment on the election of the attorney general was key in the reform of the judicial system, and the implementation of all recommendations “Remains critical to the effective implementation of the EU-Georgia Association Agreement”

“We reiterate that while the European Union remains fully committed to supporting reforms in Georgia under the EU-Georgia Association Agreement, EU assistance remains dependent on progress on key reforms,”

– the statement says.

The US Embassy in Georgia also did not stand aside, recalling that all the recommended reforms “Essential for Georgia’s European integration and, more importantly, for providing the people of Georgia with the impartial and professional justice system they deserve”… As for the “Georgian Dream”, the politicians of this party promised to carry out judicial reform, now they are simply obliged to fulfill their promises, they insist overseas.

Another statement was published on the website of the United States National Democratic Institute, undesirable in Russia, NDI ***. The authors of the statement are a group of experts, including the former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, former Governor of Vermont and Member of the NDI Supervisory Board Howard Dean, former EU Ambassador to Georgia Per Eklund, Head of the Supervisory Board of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and Former President of the NDI Kenneth Wallach

“Over the past three decades, Georgia has served as an example to other countries in the region, pursuing political reforms on its way to a democratic, European and Euro-Atlantic future. The protracted political crisis and recent attacks on civil society and the media have raised international concerns about the Georgian government’s continued commitment to a democratic, Euro-Atlantic path. And the violation of the April 19 agreement further undermined trust, ”

– said in a statement NDI.

And the European Parliament decided to send a mission to Georgia to observe the upcoming municipal elections.

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