Jun 21, 2022
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Eteri Tutberidze’s daughter declassified dad, despite mom’s hatred


Coach Eteri Tutberidze categorically refuses to say who gave birth to her daughter.

Earlier, Eteri Tutberidze denied questions related to the father of her daughter Diana. The coach even said that he didn’t exist at all, but the other day the heiress denied her words.

The famous mentor has always made it clear that no one will receive revelations about the former chosen one, from whom she gave birth to a daughter. In an interview with Dmitry Borisov, Tutberidze stated that she had crossed him out of her life a long time ago. “We don’t have a dad. It happens. It seems to me that a woman gives birth to a child for herself. If a man for some reason refuses this story … That’s why I say all the time that Diana has me, and I have Diana“, – Eteri shared on the air of Channel One.

The 48-year-old coach adhered to her principle to the last, but still the secret about Davis’s father became known to many. And Diana opened it herself. The athlete shared a joint photo with a man, and no one would have attached great importance to the frames if it were not for the signature left to her. “father’s day“, — wrote the girl.

Eteri Tutberidze's daughter with her father
Eteri Tutberidze’s daughter with her father

No one had any doubts that this is the figure skater’s dad. Now netizens are wondering who Diana is more like. By the way, in the photo it is clear that the father and daughter are in America, this is indicated by the inscription in the room: “Welcome to Las Vegas.”

Now Davis is in the States, and apparently sometimes spends time with a parent. Together with Diana, her famous mother is also there. Recently there have been rumors that Diana and her partner Gleb Smolkin will represent the US national team, and Eteri will also change course and direct her efforts to educate athletes abroad. However, these speculations were immediately denied by Tutberidze. “Another fake!” she got angry.

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