Jun 7, 2022
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Eteri Tutberidze spoke about the future of her children


Coach Eteri Tutberidze transferred the children to the American team.

Some time ago, Eteri Tutberidze went to America to her daughter, for which she received hundreds of angry comments. Foreign fans said they did not want to see the coach in their country because of the scandal with Kamila Valieva.

Despite public accusations, Eteri Tutberidze left Russia anyway. Later there were reports that the 48-year-old coach was banned from going to the rink where her daughter Diana trains. This was stated by the director of the ice arena in Norwood Rebecca Stump.

Eteri can come to watch her daughter. We expect that as a parent she will follow the rules of our club. Everyone is familiar with the policy of our club regarding parents at the rink. She will not be allowed to be on the ice or stand at the side“Stamp protests.”

Eteri Tutberidze - photo from the archive -
Eteri Tutberidze – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

But this did not stop Eteri from wanting to support the heiress. Diana, we recall, successfully continues her career with her partner Gleb Smolkin. So, now the couple will represent the US team, as Tutberidze herself told American sources. Some Western media write that the coach allegedly wants to teach in the States herself, but there were certain difficulties with the implementation of this idea. True, later Tutberidze and her daughter denied this news. “Another fake!“- wrote the mentor on the social network.

By the way, Eteri Georgievna’s colleagues always supported her when the public attacked the mentor. Among them is Alexander Zhulin, who stood up for the mentor when she was persecuted for moving to the United States, albeit temporary. “It’s her only daughter! Eteri found herself between two fires. Her daughter is American. And why don’t they see each other now? I am very sorry for Tutberidze for the way all these Western creatures treat her. I do not want this to affect her future fate and career“, he shared.

Zhulin emphasized that coaches and athletes from all over the world are equal to Eteri. “Now Tutberidze is enemy number one for the entire American figure skating environment. She is an outstanding coach, and everyone is well aware that by removing Tutberidze, they will remove almost all women’s figure skating in the future. It is certainly dangerous to go there, but Eteri is a brave person. I think she will definitely understand this situation. No one has the right to forbid her to see her daughter!“- Zhulin spoke sharply.

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