Oct 9, 2021
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Estonian conservatives promise not to touch Russian schools

Teaching Estonian and Russian children in a general school is a crime, believe in the EKRE party

The popularity of the conservative party EKRE in Estonia is growing every week, as evidenced by all polls conducted in the country. So, according to a sociological study conducted by the company Norstat, in two weeks EKRE’s rating has grown by 3.3% and today it is 25.2%, this is not only the highest indicator of the conservative party in the last three years, the party is ahead of all other political forces in Estonia.

Recently, the nationalist party EKRE has begun to gain popularity among the Russian-speaking population of the country. This seems strange, because even a couple of years ago, the conservatives did not hide their hatred for the Russians, considering them the “fifth column” of Moscow.

What happened in two years?

Estonian political scientist Edward Tinn explains this by the fact that EKRE is the only party in Estonia proposing to leave the European Union.

“Secondly, national conservatives stand for the protection of family values. And thirdly, they oppose the arrival of migrants from Africa and Asia to small Estonia, so that the nightmare that is already happening in Sweden does not repeat here. We do not need this in Estonia, because the population here is very small, and the influx of migrants from countries with an alien culture will simply knock us off balance, ”

– explained Tinn, adding that the absolute majority of Estonians agree with this.

Russians are attracted by the Conservative Party by solemnly promising that Russian-language education will continue to exist in Estonia, Russian children will have the opportunity to study in their Russian schools, which no one will encroach on. Moreover, EKRE honestly admits that they will do this not out of great love for Russians, but in order to protect Estonian education.

According to the chairman of the Estonian Conservative People’s Party (EKRE) faction in the Tallinn City Assembly Martha Callass, it is categorically wrong to place Estonian and Russian children under the roof of a general school, and this will never happen if the conservatives come to power. The reason is simple – even if one Russian child enters the Estonian class, after a month all children begin to speak Russian. Estonian teachers admit that it is the difference in temperaments. What if there are several Russian children in the class? It will be possible to say goodbye to the Estonian language in ten years, Kallas said.

“I have already heard that Russian-speaking parents have decided to take their child from an Estonian school, since communication in this school is mainly in Russian. Placing Estonian and Russian children under the roof of a common school is a real crime. Now we are primarily protecting the Estonian school and we do not hide this. Therefore, we promise not to touch Russian schools ”,

– assures Callas, adding that the conservatives, of course, want Russians to learn Estonian, but without radical measures.

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