Aug 14, 2022
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Estonia: We will close the Gulf of Finland and the entire Baltic from Russian ships. Heroes, what do you say?

Estonia: We will close the Gulf of Finland and the entire Baltic from Russian ships.  Heroes, what do you say?

Photo: Anatoly Morkovkin/TASS

Estonia decided to “close” the Gulf of Finland for Russian ships, fearing the missiles that they could launch at it, “peace-loving” and “defenseless”. Moreover, close from both sides, combining their coastal defenses with the Finnish. This was announced last week by the newly-minted Estonian Minister of Defense Hanno Pevkur.

“The range of Estonian and Finnish missiles exceeds the width of the Gulf of Finland. This means that we unite our missile defense and share all the information with each other, ”Iltalehti, Suomi’s third-largest daily newspaper, quotes him.
According to this figure (previously, Pevkur was noted in turn as minister of social affairs, justice, internal affairs), such a decision will protect his country, and at the same time neighboring ones, from Russia that threatens them. When she threatened Estonia and anyone in general, Pevkur does not specify, but insists on the speedy implementation of her plan, involving the Scandinavians in it. After all, the Finnish Navy has Swedish anti-ship missiles MTO 85 M with a range of more than 100 km. And last year the Estonians decided to purchase Israeli Blue Spear anti-ship missiles with a range of 290 km for coastal defense.

The statement of the Minister of Defense of a country neighboring the Russian Federation on a joint missile defense system with Suomi was made public a few days ago, when the corresponding negotiations between Helsinki and Tallinn were already underway. Apparently, successfully, since Tallinn started talking about the immediate prospect of “closing” the bay. And an even closer transformation of the Baltic Sea into “NATO’s inland sea.”

The last one is an old dream… Not the Balts, but the Yankees. Those and the Black Sea, and even the Sea of ​​\u200b\u200bAzov, tried to grab by proxy. Let us recall their attempts in the 2000s to build a military base in Tauris. First, near Feodosia, then, when it didn’t work out there, 30 km from Evpatoria, at the deepest lake on the peninsula, Donuzlav Lake. All supposedly “for peaceful exercises” Sea Breeze. The active mass resistance of local residents prevented these plans. And there the Crimean spring-2014 came.

Then the Pentagon undertook to build military camps near the Sea of ​​Azov. In Ukrainian at that time, Berdyansk and Mariupol, bases were built at an accelerated pace for the US Marine Corps units according to NATO standards. Exclusively for the “defensive forces”, why else do the Americans invade foreign territories, establish their own rules around the world, no matter how for peacekeeping purposes …

Now, at the suggestion of the White House and under its vigilant eye, the North Atlantic Alliance, again by proxy, has taken over the Baltic. Having now plunged Ukraine into chaos, he began to provoke the small Baltic states into a conflict with their big neighbor, driving the idea of ​​​​an “inland sea” into the heads of their narrow-minded rulers.

He began back in June under the guise of exercises of the US operational fleet. Then five American ships entered the Baltic Sea, including the aircraft carrier USS Harry Truman and the aircraft carrier USS Kearsarge with a unit of the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Battalion on board. A total of 45 NATO warships, 7,000 servicemen, 75 planes and helicopters took part in the June action…

What was the need to support Ukraine? But where is that, and where is the Baltic. Once again scare Russia? Still do not understand that we are not shy? In general, the more threats we have, the more unity we are. They didn’t dare like that.

The fact that the Baltic Sea cannot become NATO by definition, no matter how much anyone wants it, was made clear by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. Noting that “if necessary, all compensatory military-technical measures, including in the waters of the so-called “inland sea”, will be taken.”

Estonia and Finland do not seem to understand this. Or they didn’t hear it behind the Russophobic tsunami that swept the West. They took on the Gulf of Finland, most of which, as can be clearly seen on world maps, is Russian.

Is there anything to answer Moscow, except for the loud statements of its official representatives, to the obvious aggression of Tallinn and Helsinki? And what are their missile defense systems, let’s say, fraught with for us? The correspondent of “SP” talked about this with well-known experts.

– Back in the 1990s, NATO installed in the Baltic republics along their borders with Russia modern air control stations with a dual purpose at that time: they track both military and civilian ships in the bay and at sea. And what, our ships stopped going there? No, answered our call Victor Alksnis, well-known politician, deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation of two convocations, retired aviation colonel. “Let them put up a missile defense now, along the coast of the bay, if they have nothing to do.

Another thing is the anti-aircraft missile systems of the Patriot type, promised by the NATO to the Estonians. But they always promise a lot. There are reasons to believe that in this case they will limit themselves to the same. Something else is alarming: statements by high-ranking Western figures about the “closure” of the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea. If they voice them, it means that this is present in their long-term plans.

“SP”: – Or they just once again scare their population with the “Russian threat”. As they do it almost from the first days of their so-called independence…

They can’t close anything. Baltic waters are international. There are relevant documents regulating the passage through it of ships of all countries of the world of different classes and purposes. They can only try to mine, as the Nazis did during the Second World War. But this is also unlikely, again considering the legal status of both the Gulf and the Baltic.

“SP”: – What are the Anglo-Saxons legal norms? They, in my opinion, trampled them a long time ago!

– They act through their vassals, they themselves seem to be on the sidelines, nothing to do with it. So there is no demand from them. The main thing for them is to divide Russia into many dwarf countries, like the Estonian ones. For this, they believe that all means are good. They are even ready to drink the sea, like the legendary Xanthus on the advice of Aesop.

“SP”: – What can Russia oppose to the promised Finnish-Estonian missile defense barriers? Why does he get away with only short statements about the threat of turning the Baltic into an “inland sea” of NATO?

– A difficult question … The Baltic Fleet, unfortunately, is the most problematic in the Russian Navy. There is, in fact, nothing to transfer there after the loss of the cruiser Moskva in the Black Sea. There are only two similar cruisers left. New ones were not built. With the construction of warships, electronics and engines for them, we have tension in our country. Here the West, sadly to say, is stronger. Our trump card is nuclear weapons. Which, yes, they are afraid of in the USA, NATO, they assure that under no circumstances should it reach it, but … There are also hypersonic “Dagger”, “Zircon”. However, they require hundreds of missiles. Do we have that many? Is the industry keeping up with the situation near our borders?

SP expressed his point of view Finn Peter Iiskola, international diplomat, who worked, including in UN structures.

“The Estonian and Finnish authorities will not be able to close any sea or bay,” he is sure. “Moreover, there is no decision on this matter. And I don’t think it will. After all, we are talking about international waters! This is a symptom of the stupidity of those who do not understand this. In Estonia, stupidity flourished against the backdrop of hysterical Russophobia. Which, alas, has already infected Suomi.

These two countries seem to be competing with each other, who will annoy Moscow more. The Finns suddenly began to limit the issuance of visas to Russians, their purchases in their stores, although for two pandemic years they only dreamed of Russian tourists. The Estonians, in turn, went even further, refusing to let Russian citizens in on their own issued visas. Now they are discussing the “closure” of waterways …

“SP”: – As an experienced psychiatrist would say: there are clinical manifestations of a severe mental illness. And what do ordinary Finnish citizens believe in the threat from the Russian Federation?

– Those who are used to thinking with their own heads do not believe, of course. But many who are accustomed to living in someone else’s mind believe the SAI. And all our media are now writing that after the “capture” of Ukraine “Insert will come to us.” Well, isn’t that stupid? Personally, I think that the Russians are much better than the Americans, the British. Because more than once I communicated with those and with these.

Here’s what worries me now. If the Estonians and the Suomi government started talking about closing the waterway to Russia, it could be nothing more than a declaration of war with her. And where there is a declaration, there, as you know, there are corresponding actions…

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