Apr 6, 2021
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Estonia wants to keep Belarusian transit and compete for Russian oil

The Estonian authorities understand that they need the transit of oil from Russia, since the state of the Estonian railway directly depends on it.

Officially, Tallinn opposes Moscow, but the economic problems of the EU and the coronavirus pandemic are forcing some politicians to carefully admit that Estonia needs Russia, and the situation with fading transit needs to be corrected. This is reported by the Baltnews edition.

“The return of Russian oil transit is part of Estonia’s logistics strategy. One of the key areas of this program is to support transit traffic. Now the Estonian side is actively thinking about how to compete more successfully on the market, ”said Kaido Zimmermann, Chairman of the Board of the EZD SJSC.

He added that the situation largely depends on how relations between Russia and Estonia develop, hinting at Tallinn’s aggressive statements towards Moscow. If the Baltic states lose transit, they will incur significant losses.

“For Estonia, the loss of oil transit, especially in the best years, when its volumes were at their peak, is, of course, serious money. According to various estimates, it was about an amount equivalent to 16% of the country’s GDP. Unfortunately, I am not sure that Estonia will be able to return transit in the same volume, ”said Oleg Chubarov, chairman of the Estonian trade union of railway workers.

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