Aug 30, 2021
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Estonia failed to elect a president

Elections with one candidate surprised Europeans and angered Estonians

On Monday, August 30, a new president was elected in Estonia.

They chose, but could not choose. The fact is that only one candidate was nominated for the post of head of state – Oni Karis, which was nominated by the factions of the Reform Party and the Center Party. And all because such a responsible matter as presidential elections cannot be entrusted to the people in Estonia, therefore the head of state is elected by the parliament.

“Thirty years after the fall of Soviet rule, Estonia will face elections with only one candidate,”

– the news channel is surprised Euronews

An international news agency Associated Press (AP) calls such elections “An unprecedented situation after the restoration of Estonian independence”

Karis could compete with a candidate from an opposition party EKRE Henn Pillua, however, according to the complicated Estonian rules for presidential elections, no fewer than 21 MPs can nominate a candidate, while the faction EKRE the parliament has only 19 people.

“The voting with one candidate caused bewilderment in the country, several politicians wished to change the complex presidential system. Some Estonians have suggested that they completely resign from the post of head of state, arguing that the country is small, and the prime minister already has more political power, ”

– notes Associated Press

63 deputies voted for Karis’s candidacy, with the required minimum of 68 votes. Now presidential candidates will be nominated anew, and parliament will vote again in the second round, and if it does not work out, then in the third.

While deputies in parliament tried to elect a president, a rally of the opposition conservative party was held outside the walls of the legislature. EKRE, which demanded to change the electoral system in the country.

The protesters are sure that the president should be elected by the people of the country, and not by a hundred deputies.

“If we continue to understand democracy as the will of the people, then this fact alone will be enough to firmly stand on the positions of direct presidential elections. And the current process of appointing the president, in addition, generously provides additional arguments in their favor, “

– said the deputy from the EKRE party Jaak Valge in his speech at the rally.

The Estonian Center Party is also in favor of changing the electoral system.

Chairman of the parliamentary faction of centrists Jaanus Karilaid believes that “The president elected by the people understands people’s expectations more, so the time when the president was elected at the party level should remain in the past”

The centrists are going to submit for consideration a bill on changing the electoral system already in September.

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In the photo: Counting of votes after voting in the Estonian parliament, source – Internet publication ERR.

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