Jan 5, 2022
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Estonia demands an increase in NATO’s military presence

Tallinn is worried – no one is going to take into account Estonian interests

The closer the day of the start of negotiations between Russia and NATO, the louder the hysteria in the Baltic states and, in particular, in Estonia.

Former Foreign Minister of Estonia, and now a member of parliament Urmas Reinsalu presented to the head of government Kae Callas his plan to consolidate peace in the Baltic region. In his opinion, a critical security situation has developed in the region, therefore, it is urgent to initiate consultations on the 4th article of the Alliance, demanding an increase in the number of military personnel in the country.

“This is a situation in which Estonia, in cooperation with like-minded countries, should immediately initiate consultations on Article 4 of the North Atlantic Treaty. As part of these consultations, we should present to the Allies our proposals for improving the security situation. First, an increase in the military presence of the allies in the territory of the Baltic states and in Poland. Secondly, the revision of the defense plans of these countries, and, thirdly, NATO should clearly and fully reject the draft treaty presented by Russia in the form of an ultimatum, “

– quotes the proposal of the ex-Foreign Minister of the Estonian edition ERR

The newspaper notes that in Tallinn they are very concerned that the negotiation process between Russia and NATO can really begin, and therefore they propose to reject all Russian proposals without considering them.

Urmas Reinsalu is sure that no one is going to take into account Estonian interests during the negotiations, so the Estonian leadership will have to worry about defending its interests.

According to the ex-minister, there has never been such a threat to the vital interests of not only Estonia, but all the Baltic countries since their accession to the Alliance.

The only effective way to protect the Baltics in Tallinn is the introduction of another, additional, package of European sanctions against Russia.

The head of the Estonian Ministry of Defense does not lag behind Kalle Laanet, urging Brussels not to forget about the “threat” emanating from Russia and always remember that for Russia all countries are “just a territory for conquest.” But the Minister of Defense believes that the “Western partners” will definitely protect the Baltic states, no matter what happens, the press service of the Estonian Defense Ministry reports.

We will remind that in December Russia put forward a number of demands to the United States and NATO, among which – to abandon the further expansion of the North Atlantic Alliance and the deployment of NATO troops on the territory of the European Union. “In addition to the forces stationed in this territory as of May 27, 1997”

Fearing that the NATO military might leave the Baltic states, they decided to demand an increase in their contingent in advance.

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