Apr 18, 2021
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Estonia collects signatures for leaving the European Union

“As part of the EU, Estonia has limited rights to make independent decisions”

In Estonia, signatures are being collected for a petition to leave the country from the European Union. The initiator is the National Conservative Party EKRE.

If the petition gets a thousand votes, then the issue will be brought up for discussion in the Estonian parliament – the Riigikogu.

It should be noted that the petition has already gained more than 1,500 votes.

According to the author of the petition, a party activist EKRE Kenno Pyltsama, the 2003 referendum, which decided the question of Estonia’s accession to the EU, should be considered invalid. Põltsam has data according to which Estonia’s membership in the European Union was supported then by less than half of the country’s citizens, so a new referendum must be held.

“The people must decide in a referendum whether Estonia will continue its membership in the EU or restore its sovereignty as it was before May 1, 2004. And finally, a referendum would be a natural part of classical democracy, and not what we call a “representation” of democracy, which, in fact, kills democracy ”,

– says the petition.

Earlier, the former head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Estonia and the founder of the party said the same. EKRE Mart Helme… In his opinion, being part of the European Union, the people of Estonia have limited rights to make independent decisions.

“I want to emphasize: neither I nor the absolute majority of our party members are against the EU as a community of nation states and as an economic community. We are against the EU as a federal state, we are against the European Commission as a European government, we are against common European taxes and against the establishment of a common European political ideology, ”

– Helme said in an interview ERR

However, the ex-minister cannot answer the question of what the European Union should be like, in which Estonians would be happy and satisfied with everything, and where Estonia could make decisions on its own.

Most of all, Helma does not like the idea of ​​introducing common European taxes, as well as the existence of the European Commission, which plays the role of a single European government. To implement the initiative EKRE Mart Helme plans to create a parliamentary group that will prepare the referendum.

“I already foresee accusations that we are“ Kremlin’s henchmen ”and that Estonia can only choose between Europe and Russia, because it cannot be alone,”

– noted the founder of the party EKRE

However, the Estonian economist, rector of the Institute of Economics and Management Hanon Barabaner recalled, that in the modern world there can be no “absolute independence”, at least for small states such as Estonia. Another thing is that Tallinn may demand to increase its share of independence, but no more.

Meanwhile, Helme is confident that the initiative of his party will find support in Estonian society, although he admits that there are too many EU supporters.

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