Feb 18, 2021
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Estonia announced that they will take the first step in ratifying the border agreement with the Russian Federation

Estonian Foreign Minister Eva-Maria Liimets said that the republic’s authorities can take the first step in ratifying the border agreement with Russia and declare their readiness to start this process, the ERR portal reports.

According to her, this issue requires the will of both parties, and the agreement must be ratified in both parliaments.

“Estonia can take the first step and say that Estonia is ready for this,” the head of the diplomatic department stressed.

Let us remind you that in 2005 the line of the Estonian-Russian state border was agreed upon. At the same time, the border treaty was signed, but after it was submitted for ratification to the Estonian parliament, the deputies included a mention of the Tartu Peace Treaty in the preamble. Under these conditions, Moscow withdrew its signature, and the process remained legally incomplete.

The consultations resumed at the end of 2012. In February 2014, the Foreign Ministers of the Russian Federation and Estonia signed a corresponding agreement, which must be ratified by the parliaments of both countries to enter into force.

Earlier, Estonian parliamentarians called on the European Union to “develop an effective policy of restrictive measures that will force the Russian Federation to abandon its aggressive foreign policy.” In turn, the Russian Embassy in Tallinn emphasized that this statement added a negative impact to bilateral relations.

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