Dec 30, 2020
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Estonia 200: Russians must abandon Victory Day

Estonian politician allowed to celebrate May 9 in kitchens

Chairman of the extra-parliamentary party “Estonia 200” (Estonia 200) Christina Callas told reporters Baltic news portal on the problem of the “Russian question” in Estonia and how, in its opinion, this problem can be solved.

According to her, Estonians are now ready to involve Russians living in Estonia to participate in public life, but they are not ready for Russians to take part in the country’s political life. There can be no question of trusting the Russians to make any political decisions. This is evidenced by the data of the latest integration studies. Callas believes that this attitude of Estonians towards Russians is due to “the fear of state security.”

In the course of the last such survey, the question was asked “How do you feel about the fact that the next Prime Minister of Estonia may be Estonian Russian?” To this question more than 50% of the respondents answered “categorically no”. Estonians constantly suspect that the Russians may use them to their advantage, which is why they feel fear, the politician explained.

But there is a way out, Christina Callas is sure. In her opinion, the Russian-speaking community in Estonia needs to get away from Russia as far as possible, and to do this, first of all, abandon the celebration of Victory Day on May 9.

“The May 9th celebration is the first thing to change. Because this is what, in the minds of Estonians, automatically connects you with Russia. I do not think that this holiday should be banned. You just need to make it a personal, family holiday, which will honor the memory of deceased relatives. We consider Victory Day to be a Russian political holiday, and if Russians celebrate this holiday here, then for Estonians they immediately become the fifth column. But if the Russians celebrate this day with their families, no one will see it, ”

She explains how to solve the “problem.”

By the way, earlier the political party headed by Kallas advocated the elimination of Russian schools and all Russian-language education in Estonia.

Predictably, the Russian-speaking Estonians did not like the politician’s proposal.

“About Christina Callas and May 9th. Only a person with a broken psyche can see this holiday as a threat to national security. On this day, Russians celebrate victory in the most terrible war in the history of mankind and commemorate the heroes who saved our people from physical destruction. The memory of each of the millions of those who died is alive in our hearts, and this tragedy, like the joy of Victory, is too great to hide in our kitchen, on the advice of some integrated lady, turning May 9 into a “quiet family holiday”,

– the editor of the Tallinn newspaper “Stolitsa” commented on the proposal of the Estonian politician Alexander Chaplygin

An Estonian journalist Rodion Denisov I am sure: the whole problem is not in the celebration of Victory Day by the Russians, but in the fact that “Estonians would not like to see us on this earth at all”, even “Those who are fluent in Estonian and whose ancestors lived here until 1940”… They want to completely assimilate the Russians.

“The only problem is that assimilation is unlikely next to a huge metropolis. But they stubbornly refuse to understand this. In my opinion, the only way to maintain calm and balance in society is to allow both linguistic communities to continue to develop peacefully in parallel. With its own traditions, language, schools, etc. In everyday life, this does not at all interfere with jointly solving problems “,

– offers Denisov.

A MEP from the Center Party Yana Toom warns: even if Russians speak Estonian, this does not mean that they will automatically become loyal to the Estonian state and disloyal to Russia.

It only remains to add that Kristina Kallas deals with the problems of national minorities and the protection of their rights in Estonia.

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