Aug 8, 2022
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Essential oils for various health problems

Essential oils for various health problems

Aromas are not only pleasant, but also beneficial to health. How do essential oils affect the heart and circulation? Positive results in angina pectoris, arrhythmia, varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, migraine, cerebrovascular accident. and other diseases. Try healthy recipes for your health.

Consider the positive effect of essential oils on the circulatory system:

  • Cypress oil has a beneficial effect on the elasticity of blood vessels.
  • The aroma of mint, ylang-ylang, rosemary, lemon, geranium will help relieve angina pectoris.
  • Oils to bring blood pressure back to normal: mint, rosemary, ylang-ylang.
  • The best oils for hypertension are lavender, geranium, rosemary, ylang-ylang.
  • Atherosclerosis is one of the most common diseases, it affects most people over 40 years of age. Useful oils for the prevention of disease are pine, lavender, eucalyptus, ylang-ylang.
  • Violation of cerebral circulation. Apply essential oils of lavender, mint.
  • Varicose veins: weakness of the valvular apparatus, venous walls. We use aromas of lemon, rosemary.
  • Phlebitis – inflammation of the deep and subcutaneous veins. Causes: pustular diseases, complication of infectious diseases, childbirth. Rosemary oil will help.
  • Thrombophlebitis – blockage of the veins with a blood clot with the development of inflammation, slowing down the speed of blood flow, changes in the wall of the vein. Accompanied by edema, dilatation of the veins of the lower extremities. Essential oils of fir, pine are shown.
  • Migraine. The causes of migraine lie in the dysregulation of vascular tone. There is pain after overwork. Inhale the aromas of eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary.
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