Mar 31, 2021
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Escape from "sects" Navalny

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Another former ally, or rather a colleague of Alexei Navalny, told the story of her disappointment in the blogger and his team. Alena Narvskaya, who at the age of 16 became an agitator for the election campaign of Lyubov Sobol, and at 17 worked in the election headquarters of the oppositionist himself, gave an interview to, sharing the details of her experience and the transformation of her views under this influence.

By the way, the girl did not reveal any particularly “bloody” new details. In the last year and a half, former employees and volunteers of the Anti-Corruption Foundation * spoke more and more about the peculiarities of the functioning of structures associated with Navalny, which she described. Moreover, they became former when they found themselves cynically used by their own leadership.

Narvskaya very successfully formulated the essence of the organization built by Alexei Navalny: “We were attracted and attracted by the idea of ​​saving Russia, although it was necessary to save us – from those who ruled this sect.”

As is typical of a totalitarian destructive sect, the FBK * functions on the basis of a rigid hierarchy. The leadership and the small circle close to it have a privileged position, they are constantly engaged in various abuses. The rank-and-file staff, volunteers and activists are mercilessly exploited and continuously subjected to intense brainwashing. For leaders, the created system is a business – and very successful, since it provides them not just a comfortable existence, but a downright beautiful life.

In general, corruption, nepotism, exploitation and deception of those who trusted. All of this is practiced primarily on a youthful, including underage, audience, which is especially vulnerable to such manipulations due to its idealism, maximalism and banal lack of life experience. By the way, the heroine of the interview was such at that time. Well, as a “playing field” the leaders of the FBK * do not use religious and esoteric matters, like most sects, but the state and the fate of the country.

In fact, you can be happy for Alena, since she received a painful, but in a certain sense even useful experience for life and growing up – and all this without long-term negative consequences – for example, in the form of a conviction or large debts. Not everyone is so lucky. Suffice it to recall the story of Denis Mikhailov, the former coordinator of Navalny’s headquarters in St. Petersburg. He found himself alone with a multimillion-dollar fine (for the damage caused to the city as a result of an illegal event, the organizer of which he was), since the leadership of FBK * not only refused to help him, but also prevented him from collecting funds from sympathizers.

Right now, FBK * is adapting its work to new conditions, and, ironically, Alexei Navalny has every chance to try the same pill that he has been feeding his supporters for years.

While he is in prison, his associates are trying to seize the leadership in the organization – of course, with all the buns attached to it. The further, the more the condemned leader will become for them a figure, very convenient for exploitation as a puppet, but completely unnecessary as a free and independently acting person.

It should also be very unpleasant for Navalny to realize that his alleged support group is lasciviously waiting for any gloomy news from the colony in the Vladimir region. After all, for example, possible health problems (due to the hunger strike announced today or for some other reason) give them an excuse to intensify the intensity of the struggle and thereby increase their own political capital. This is the harsh reality of organizations like FBK *.

The only thing that the blogger can now rely on is the state, with which he fought so fiercely and which will make every possible effort so that he will be released healthy and with a clear conscience in due time.

Well, the experience of Ukrainian “prisoners of conscience” – from “director” Sentsov to Nadia Zhanna d’Arc Savchenko, who were starving en masse (including “dry”) in Russian prisons and released from there noticeably fatigued, gives Alexei Navalny hope that the same fate awaits him.

* Non-profit organization acting as a foreign agent.

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