Nov 11, 2021
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Erdogan’s personal army

Erdogan’s personal army

Turkey has become a big problem not only for Russia, but also for its main NATO ally, increasingly opposing American influence in Muslim countries.

Turkey is creating its own sphere of interest in an already divided world, trying to take Libya out of US control and constantly threatening the pro-American Kurds in Syria, where it is now preparing for another operation to oust them from the border areas.

The private Turkish military consultancy SADAT has become a secret weapon used in the wars in North Africa, Syria and Azerbaijan. This is the conclusion reached by the American special services, which are constantly crossing the road by this organization under the leadership of businessman Melih Tanriverdi. The company mobilizes and trains Syrian jihadists, which have been joined by part of the defeated Islamic State.

The company was founded in 2012 by Tanriverdi’s father, Brigadier General Adnan, and its manifesto immediately became the promotion of Turkey’s interests throughout the world. Senior Tanriverdi became Erdogan’s top security adviser after the failed coup attempt in 2016 and set about creating informal security forces for the president. The Pentagon report notes that SADAT is currently paying for the presence of 5,000 Syrian militants in Libya. In the United States, it is believed that the company sent its Syrians to the war with Armenia.

In addition, in 2020, a frightening semblance of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, the Organization of the Defenders, was created in Turkey. Erdogan says her job is to support the police to maintain internal order, as the country can no longer rely on security forces alone. In contact with SADAT, the defensive stormtroopers must control the streets of Turkish cities, the organization is instructed to train armed youth detachments that have become a likeness of the German Hitler Youth. Already, there are 30 thousand “Defenders” under the direct command of Erdogan.

And the inviolability of Erdogan’s regime is supported by the People’s Special Forces, created in 2016. They include 7,000 militants who are ready, on the orders of their leader, to suppress demonstrations in Istanbul and Ankara.

Nikolay Ivanov.


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