Sep 22, 2021
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Erdogan who encroached on Crimea was answered with a Russian proverb

Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Photo: Depo Photos / Keystone Press Agency /

Turkish leader reminded of the status of the Russian region

The Crimean peninsula has long since returned to the home harbor of our country, but rumors around the region do not subside. Turkey announced that it would not recognize the reunification of the republic with Russia. The Federation Council responded eloquently to another attack by our partners.

This time, the hype arose because of the words of the Turkish leader Recep Erdogan, who said that it was necessary to protect the integrity of the Ukrainian state. At the same time, the commander-in-chief of the Turks believes that Crimea should also become part of the Independent. He called the return of our peninsula to Russia “annexation” and announced that he did not recognize the current status of the Crimean Republic.

Commenting on the current situation, Senator Sergei Tsekov recalled the famous Russian proverb:

“No matter how much you say halva, your mouth will not become sweeter,” a high-ranking civil servant noted eloquently.

Tsekov stressed that all the conversations of Erdogan and his associates about our peninsula remain empty words that will not in any way affect the situation. The senator shared this opinion in an interview with a RIA Novosti correspondent.

The civil servant recalled that for centuries Crimea was closely connected with our country and was a part of it. Russian people live on its lands, and there is also the main military base of the Black Sea Fleet. So there is no point in arguing about the ownership of the peninsula.

Earlier, Russian experts shared their predictions about how our country will punish Turkey for attacking Crimea.

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