Aug 31, 2021
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Erdogan intercepts Putin’s “Armenian foothold”

Erdogan intercepts Putin

Photo: Gavriil Grigorov / TASS

Turkey is ready for a gradual normalization of relations with Armenia against the background of its conciliatory statements, the president of the republic told Turkish reporters on the plane, returning from a visit to Sarajevo Recep Tayyip Erdogan

“I wish success to the new government of Armenia. Our region needs a constructive approach. Even if there are disagreements, it is necessary to develop neighborly relations on the basis of respect for territorial integrity and sovereignty. Therefore, we can gradually normalize relations with Armenia, the new government of which has declared its readiness to move in this direction, “RIA Novosti quotes the Turkish leader.

According to him, it is possible to deal with issues of economic development and create conditions for cooperation only after ensuring a stable peace.

“With the same understanding, Azerbaijan proposes to start negotiations with Armenia to achieve a comprehensive peace agreement. This approach will create new opportunities for the development of the South Caucasus. We are ready to work with all parties that want to take advantage of this historic opportunity. On the agenda is our proposal to create a “Platform of Five” or “Platform of Six” with the participation of Turkey, Azerbaijan, Russia, Iran and Armenia. We proposed to include Georgia here as well. If such a platform is organized, the region will become much calmer, ”Erdogan stressed.

He also expressed the opinion that it is necessary to build railways and highways in the region, “which will connect the countries, and thus many problems will be overcome.”

“The President of Russia and I Vladimir Putin discussed these issues and came to an agreement. And with the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev too. The president has changed in Iran, and we will also discuss this topic with him, ”the Turkish president said.

Formerly Armenian prime minister Nicole Pashinyan stated that he sees positive signals from Turkey in the context of regional peace.

– Erdogan is just using the opportunity presented, – I’m sure Associate Professor of the Department of Mass Communications and Media Business of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation Gevorg Mirzayan

– Now there is a decadent mood in Armenia, the country has lost the war, it is headed by a capitulant prime minister who fulfills the request of Westernizers and Russophobes to reduce Russia’s influence – here Erdogan invites the Armenians to agree on conditions for Turkey on the weekend. In general, he does everything right, from the point of view of Turkish interests.

“SP”: Pashinyan previously stated that he sees positive signals from Turkey in the context of the regional peace. What are they? How to understand his position? Does he want reconciliation with Turkey?

– According to Pashinyan, Armenia cannot continue to exist under the conditions of the blockade, and that instead of strengthening within the framework of the strategy of a besieged fortress, it is better to simply capitulate. Before Azerbaijan captures another part of Armenia with the passiveness of the armed forces of Armenia. The same point of view is shared by a significant part of the Armenian population – their right. Armenians are not the only people who have lost their national dignity in the same way. Serbs after Kosovo did the same.

“SP”: On what conditions does Erdogan see the normalization of relations? What does he want from Armenia?

– To abandon Karabakh, from promoting the idea of ​​genocide, open transport corridors, open a market, abandon the alliance with Russia, surrender more territories to Azerbaijan. In general, a complete list of interests of Turkey and the West. On the one hand, it is a shame for the Armenians, but on the other, they themselves chose Pashinyan for a second term. So they rake

“SP”: And what conditions can Armenia put forward for normalization?

– None. Opening transport corridors through Azerbaijan and Turkey? So Ankara and Baku can close them at any time. Karabakh’s status? Nobody will give it now.
Armenia has neither the strength nor the will to set conditions. Once again, it was the decision of the Armenians themselves in the elections.

“SP”: Who, besides Erdogan, benefits from this normalization? Russia? Is the same unblocking of transport corridors also beneficial to us? Or, depending on what cost?

– Erdogan, Azerbaijan, West. Russia is not profitable. And not because Armenia will be less dependent on Moscow, as stubborn Russophobes argue. It’s just that Armenia is an ally of Russia. And her surrender is also a shame for Moscow. This is a reputational cost, as the allies see that Moscow has not defended Armenia. And no one here will understand the fact that Armenia itself decided that Putin can’t be usedOmore Armenian prime minister than the Armenian prime minister himself – the result is on the scoreboard …

“SP”: Is there a risk of Armenia falling into Turkey’s zone of influence? Or is it impossible, and is it worth fearing that it will fall into the Western sphere of influence?

– Rather, the West. They don’t like Turkey anyway, but in the West, Pashinyan and his pro-Western entourage see a replacement for Russia. And Moscow, alas, does nothing about it. Rather, it is reaping the benefits of ignoring Armenian civil society.

– So far, this is rather a preparation of public opinion in both countries for the possibility of cautious public steps to establish a dialogue – probably in connection with the topic of unblocking transport communications in the region, – believes Leading Analyst of the Agency for Political and Economic Communications Mikhail Neyzhmakov

– In addition, let’s not forget that the information agenda in Turkey is now quite problematic for Recep Erdogan. The press is discussing the likelihood of an increase in the flow of refugees from Afghanistan to the country. It is clear that the topic of establishing a dialogue with Yerevan can also become a reason for criticism from the Turkish opposition. And all the positive aspects for Ankara of unblocking communications in the South Caucasus will in no way cover the problematic topic of the migration crisis for the domestic Turkish audience. But from the point of view of Erdogan’s objective interests, one more topic for a positive agenda will not be superfluous.

“SP”: To normalize relations, then, on the terms of Turkey? Should Armenia give up Karabakh and open transport corridors?

– Within the framework of the maximum program from the point of view of Ankara, also the recognition of the Kars Treaty by Yerevan. But within the framework of discussing the issue of unblocking communications in the region, certain steps by Ankara and Yerevan towards each other are possible until some of these issues are resolved.

“SP”: Is Armenia ready for this? Having won the election, did Pashinyan get carte blanche for any action?

– Here we can recall that one of Nikol Pashinyan’s previous statements regarding the establishment of a dialogue with Turkey also sounded after the parliamentary elections that were successful for his supporters – only in 2018. It is a common tactic for heads of state and government to bring up topics that are likely to become a source of vigorous criticism from opponents shortly after a successful election campaign. Indeed, as the recent parliamentary campaign in Armenia and the events after its completion showed, the opposition in this country does not yet have enough mobilization resources to conduct a protest campaign that really poses a threat to the retention of power by Nikol Pashinyan’s team.

However, this does not mean that the very intense criticism of Pashinyan over negotiations with Baku and a potential dialogue with Ankara will end.

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