Oct 30, 2021
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Erdogan declared half of the Black Sea his own: Turkish border guards will appear opposite Sochi

Erdogan declared half of the Black Sea his own: Turkish border guards will appear opposite Sochi

Photo: AP / TASS

According to the Istanbul-based Yeni Safak newspaper, the Turks built the first 13 of 35 optoelectronic towers designed for this site to control part of the Marmara and Aegean Seas. They will be operational soon, allowing Ankara to visually observe the Greek shores in real time. In total, within the framework of this project, the descendants of the Janissaries plan to cover the gigantic sea border with a length of 8484 km, including on the Black Sea.

This means that the Republic of Turkey (TR) has begun to implement the Blue Motherland doctrine, which replaced Zero Problems with Neighbors and Strategic Depth. Few people know that the talks about the need to stake out the seabed as far as possible from the Turkish shores by the descendants of the Janissaries have been going on for a long time.

Back in 1959, Admiral Koruturk (the sixth president of Turkey), then the commander of the Navy, outlined the maritime goals of the Janissaries: “Our ships are part of the Navy of the Sea of ​​Marmara. But we can turn our fleet into the Mediterranean and Black Sea ones. For example, we should already send destroyers to Iskenderun and conduct training there. Submarines can also operate in the Black Sea Ereglisi ”.

But then it was the idle chatter of the Turkish “hawks”, while the politicians coming to power showed caution and restraint. Now a lot has changed, especially with the arrival of the head of the TR Erdogandreaming of the renaissance of the Ottoman Empire.

Western experts believe that Turkey is no longer afraid to openly declare its interests and even imposes its own rules of the geopolitical game on its neighbors. In total, within the framework of the Blue Motherland, today’s janissaries want to take control of 462 thousand square kilometers of the sea surface. Moreover, Erdogan stated that the “continental shelf and water area, designated by the TR authorities, are of the same importance for the state as its land”.

At first glance, Erdogan’s maritime claims are aimed at the interests of Greece and Cyprus, since even islands belonging to other states are not an obstacle to Turkish jurisdiction within the Blue Motherland. However, given the announcement by the former commander of the Turkish Navy Rear Admiral Jihad Yayji “Principle of justice”, the sea border of the TR is now about 150 km from Sochi.

If the Turks put their optoelectronic towers here too (and they will, since they have designated 100% coverage of the new sea borders), then technically they will even be able to observe the presidential residences. Putin Bocharov Ruchei. And in general, it is not known how Russian-Turkish relations will develop in the future, while such closeness undoubtedly worsens the security of the military and civilian assets of our Black Sea coast.

In any case, “Blue Motherland” in Turkish is a serious claim to revise the balance of the naval forces. Yes, there is an opinion that the Black Sea is almost a “Russian lake”, and here we will defeat anyone. But Ankara will also strengthen its naval forces in order to position itself as a great maritime power.

Seven-league steps are being taken in this direction. The TR Navy has already signed an agreement with Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft GmbH (HDW), the most advanced shipyard in Germany, for the joint production of six Type 214 submarines with an air-independent propulsion system. Western military sources report that the Germans are likely to pass on their technology to descendants of the Janissaries.

There is no point in commenting on these stuffing because of the lack of official information. But the German side no longer considers anaerobic engines to be something special for a long time. In any case, these submarines, which are considered one of the best in the world, will be built together and with the maximum amount of local equipment at the Gelchuk naval shipyard.

Therefore, it is possible that Ankara will indeed create the strongest regional submarine fleet in the Black Sea. Actually, Ankara does not hide its plans. Turkish admirals believe that 14 low-speed submarines constantly serving in the Bosphorus region and on the Black Sea border of the “Blue Motherland” will allow them to dominate the region.

As for the Turkish surface fleet, it certainly cannot be called weak. The frigates of the German projects Barbaros and MEKO 200, as well as the ships Gabya – the former American “Oliver Hazard Perry”, which make up the backbone of the TR Navy, already look like a worthy rival today. But tomorrow their power will be multiplied.

Currently, the Anadolu universal amphibious assault ship with a displacement of 27.5 thousand tons is under construction. It is also called a small aircraft carrier designed for 12 F-35B aircraft. But in connection with Turkey’s withdrawal from the American stealth aircraft program, the local command decided to convert it into a helicopter carrier with a large number of attack UAVs. Plus, the Turks are developing their TF-2000 class anti-aircraft destroyer to protect the TR Navy from enemy aircraft raids and anti-ship missiles.

According to the Turkish command, today in the Black Sea from the Russian Black Sea Fleet no pressure is exerted on the TR ships, therefore, they say, all efforts to strengthen the naval forces are allegedly not directed at Russia. Only the ships of Greece, Israel and Egypt are in the crosshairs of the star-crescent ship cannons. Indeed, it is these countries that are now facing the tough and even expansionist behavior of Ankara.

It is believed that a smoldering conflict could flare up over a gas field on the shelves of the eastern Mediterranean. At the same time, Tel Aviv is forced to actually abandon the production of blue fuel at the Tamar offshore site due to high operating costs. In general, according to the Greek side, Erdogan’s gas project is doomed, since Turkey does not have the necessary technologies.

Thus, the Blue Homeland doctrine is primarily aimed at ending all economic projects in which Ankara does not participate. Erdogan adheres to the rule that if “we don’t get anything, then neither do you.” Such a policy, from the position of New Ottomania, is justified only because it does not give neighbors additional resources for development. Perhaps that is why the Kremlin behaves as if its Russian hut is on the edge.

But if you try to look beyond the medium-term horizon, nothing good can be expected from the new Turkish maritime borders of Russia. With Erdogan’s departure from big politics, TR is likely to start drawing closer to the United States. That’s when our politicians and the military will be worried: the observation towers placed by Ankara will allow the Americans to personally observe both the rest of our president and the military bases of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation.

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