Sep 27, 2021
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Epidemspetsnaz from WHO will land in Kazan

The scale of cooperation of “our” medical officials with a private nongovernmental office at the United Nations called WHO, funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, is amazing. No sooner had “our” minister Mikhail Murashko signed for the leading role of this office at the G20 summit in Rome, when “our” digital prime minister Mikhail Mishustin issued an order (according to tradition, without a personal signature and stamp) to hold international exercises in Kazan using mobile laboratories quick response. This is another “know-how” from WHO, which is designed to completely replace national medicine (and with it – the sovereignty of all states). When an emergency is declared in epidemiology, it allows you to randomly drive the entire population, like cattle, through PCR tests and the now fashionable procedure. In the operating area of ​​such laboratories, in fact, national laws and basic human rights will not be relevant, which does not please us at all.

From the content of the quietly issued Order of the Government of the Russian Federation of September 18, 2021 No. 2609-r, it follows that from October 11 to October 15, Kazan will host exercises of international rapid response teams to emergency situations of a sanitary and epidemiological nature using mobile laboratories.

The role of organizer of the event is formally assigned to Rospotrebnadzor, but the main initiator and instructor is the notorious World Health Organization (Katyusha gave a detailed description of it in the analysis of the September ministerial declaration following the G20 summit in Rome). WHO will bring a whole delegation of its “specialists” to Kazan, whose visa support will be promptly handled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (without collection of fees – that is, on a preferential basis). Rospotrebnadzor will finance the whole thing from the allocated budget funds – that is, a banquet at our expense.

It is noted that delegates will be able to take advantage of the simplified procedure for the import of machinery and equipment necessary for conducting exercises (including radio electronic means and high-frequency civilian devices). In total, about 100 people are expected from WHO, from the CIS countries and Europe, the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSB are entrusted to protect them. According to the official website of the Government of the Russian Federation, the program of the event includes “the development of algorithms for joint response to an outbreak of infection, which may turn into a pandemic.” And immediately it is noted that “such skills are especially important in the face of the continuing threat of the spread of COVID-19.”

Nothing is clear from these streamlined formulations. That is, today only the “threat of proliferation” of the covid remains, and the covid itself is not particularly spread? Or it spreads, but Rospotrebnadzor officially (in responses to citizens and organizations) does not consider that there is an epidemic in some region of the Russian Federation. A pandemic is a massive epidemic in most countries of the world. If there is no epidemic in Russia, then how can we have a covid pandemic now? And about what outbreak of infection will the training be carried out at the exercises in Kazan, if the covid, as announced by the WHO, has long since passed into a pandemic, with which it now urges the whole world to actively fight?

Sane questions from “our” officials, who staged this WHO show, should not be expected. But we are told that “the exercises will be held using modern mobile and portable laboratories” and “will be the first large-scale international event to respond to infectious threats in the Eurasian space.”

Let’s add on our own – an absolutely not sovereign event, for the approval of which “our” officials promptly rushed in advance. In late August, the WHO Regional Office for Europe issued a press release promoting its new project, Mobile Rapid Response Laboratories (RRL). Their main advantage is called “the ability to conduct testing and analysis directly on the spot during outbreaks.” The launch of a series of exercises and simulations is immediately announced, in which “MLBDs should work with national public health agencies to support them during emergencies and other peak periods.” Such as the “COVID-19 pandemic”, of course.

During the exercise, uniform standards for MLBM should be developed, which “will form the basis for the process of their official recognition.” That is, the authors of the projects themselves admit that today such a mechanism is generally out of law and is experimental, while WHO is seeking its approval in all countries of the world. To play “a pivotal role in helping health authorities monitor and respond quickly to disease outbreaks both in the WHO European Region and beyond.”

“The simulation series, which will begin with a discussion tabletop exercise at the end of August, will also include a functional exercise scheduled for October and a series of operational training events in the Commonwealth of Independent States and other European (EU) countries in the spring. 2022 “, – according to the official website of the EBR WHO.

And on August 31, TASS reports that Rospotrebnadzor and WHO are conducting international virtual command-and-staff exercises to respond to epidemics using mobile laboratories.

“Among the participants there are more than 40 specialists in the field of rapid response to public health emergencies from six European countries, as well as representatives of international organizations. During the three-day event, mechanisms for the rapid exchange of information on an outbreak of an infectious disease, delivery, deployment and use of mobile laboratories in accordance with WHO recommendations will be worked out … “, – said in the message.

The keywords here are “in accordance with WHO recommendations”. It is according to their patterns that mobile medical laboratories will be deployed and used “to combat outbreaks of epidemics”, their use should subsequently be organically incorporated into the legislation on combating emergencies of all countries of the world. And this was called “the first stage of preparation for a full-scale international field exercise, which will be held face-to-face in Kazan in October 2021”.

Globalists have very serious and distant plans for our health – back in February of this year. it became known about the intention of WHO to open its branch in Russia to ensure a quick response in case of epidemics. Here there is a complete analogy with the “digital special forces” of Prime Minister Mishustin in the Government of the Russian Federation, which is called upon to “transform” the country according to the patterns of the WEF and the World Bank, literally in a wartime format. Similar rhetoric is used in medicine. On April 27, the head of the RPN Anna Popova held negotiations with representatives of the regional and country offices of the WHO, as a result of which an agreement was concluded, which was desired by globalists: in 2022, a WHO Collaborating Center will be created on the basis of the Russian Research Anti-Plague Institute Microbe in Saratov for pandemic preparedness and training for rapid response teams.

Even then, it was announced that the WHO and RPN intend to conduct field and command-staff exercises in Kazan in order to develop algorithms for responding to infectious threats. ” And with an emphasis on our region, with the processing of the brains of officials of the EEC and the CIS.

“We are grateful to the WHO European Office for supporting this initiative and active joint work,” Popova bowed to her “esteemed partners”.

What will happen next is not at all difficult to predict. The UN Secretary General and the WHO Chairman have already managed to make a bunch of statements in recent months about the “impending terrible pandemic,” no one knows what, about “new dangerous waves of covid”, etc., directly showing that the current viral history is just flowers, just training stage in comparison with what is prepared for humanity further. Therefore, mobile laboratories with various medical procedures, fully corresponding to military tent camps, visiting which in the event of an emergency (or even an emergency threat – as was done in the Russian Federation with the “plandemic” of covid) will be made mandatory, with a full set of mandatory medical interventions, and even with approved world standards are now organized not by chance.

Before the elections in Russia ended, the chief freelance pediatrician of the Ministry of Health, Alexander Baranov, proposed introducing compulsory vaccination against covid for children. His wife, President of the Union of Pediatricians of Russia, Leila Namazova-Baranova, chief freelance pediatric specialist in preventive medicine at the Ministry of Health, did not find anything better than to declare that there is a terrible “anti-vaccination lobby” paid for from abroad in Russia. By the same logic, the multimillion-dollar protests against forced injections in Romania, Australia, Britain, France, Holland, etc. are now taking place. funded by … by whom?

But there is definitely a powerful lobby of vaccinators represented by transnational corporations with trillions of profits, represented by global structures such as the UN and WHO, whose manuals “our” medical officials blindly follow – and for some reason Namazov-Baranova does not see him point-blank. But for her there is a kind of “lobby” of reasonable people who are forced to exchange information from below, on the Internet, whose posts and videos are instantly deleted by the owners of social networks in the USA and Russia, who every day read in the remaining independent sources about the deaths of people after a fashionable procedure (including including in our country) who just want to take care of themselves and their children … And what kind of lobby, I wonder, is behind the conservative majority of Russians, who have a natural protest against the aggressively discriminatory, close to fascist, policy of covid-vaccinators? However, everything is clear with these characters.

As you can see, the medical special forces of globalists with syringes and PCR tests are already knocking on our doors – and this is no joke. The processes of pseudo-medical emergency transformation of society towards constant tension, fear, new waves of “pandemics” and so on. launched at a deep level. Naturally, we do not expect anything good from the WHO World Assembly scheduled for November, where all countries must sign some kind of “pandemic agreement” that will completely deprive them of their sovereignty. And for our country, this process will only expand and worsen if our citizens do not realize that they are the only source of power in Russia and do not take upon themselves the responsibility to protect constitutional rights and freedoms.

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