Aug 25, 2022
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Enlarged pores on the face: how to solve the problem

Enlarged pores on the face: how to solve the problem

In search of ways to eliminate enlarged pores on the face, carriers of this phenomenon resort to salon and home methods, but first you need to find out the root cause of the flaw. The fact is that the pores of the skin, which are tiny holes, play a direct role in its respiration (in dermatology, it is not for nothing that they are called the lungs of the skin). Thanks to them, sebum seeps out and is involved in moisturizing and protecting the skin.

10 causes of problems

An excessive amount of sebaceous secretions accumulates on the surface of the oily skin in natural holes. This happens if the glands function in a forced mode. It is then that the extremely clogged pores expand.

This quite often appears with the onset of sexual development and subsequently only worsens. Hidden causes of enlarged pores on the face include hormonal disorders, body diseases and the physiological characteristics of a woman / man.

Among the factors stand out:

  • heredity;
  • hormonal failure – it is typical for pregnant women, women in the stage of breastfeeding a child, during the use of contraceptives, the onset of menopause;
  • period of adolescence development;
  • negative environment;
  • imbalance in food intake, characteristic of a diet with an excess of carbohydrates, spices, animal fats;
  • bad habits;
  • illiterate and inadequate facial care is unsatisfactory cleaning, the use of unsuitable / inexpensive cosmetics, excessive use of foundation and powder;
  • upset metabolism, problems with the digestive system, frequent nervous situations;
  • weakened immunity;
  • excess UV rays.

It is worth knowing that:

  1. Doctors will help identify and eliminate the root cause of the problem.
  2. The guilt of hormones will be revealed by the endocrinologist.
  3. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and nervous system will be established by a therapist, gastroenterologist or neurologist.
  4. The cosmetologist will select the necessary care products, and the nutritionist will tell you how to normalize nutrition.

Wrestling at home – 10 recommendations

If it is not possible to contact the salon for a solution to the problem, recommendations for the home will come to the rescue.

  • To perform home cryotherapy, ice cubes should be prepared. To do this, freeze pieces of fruits, herbs, plant leaves. And every morning wipe your face with an ice cleanser.
  • Peeling at home is done twice a week. To do this, the skin is heated by means of a steam bath with the inclusion of medicinal herbs. Then the skin is cleansed with scrubs.
  • Masks at home should be used after the peeling procedure. The compositions of the masks include cosmetic clay, egg white, fruits / berries. Such activities narrow the expansion of the pores on the skin.
  • The habit of washing with decoctions of herbs, rose or micellar water will help to avoid pollution and achieve narrowing of the pores. Also use special brushes for washing, they will help to deep clean the pores.
  • In the fight against adversity, contrasting washings with warm and cool water should be carried out.
  • Normalization of nutrition will certainly affect the condition of problem skin. In the everyday menu there is no place for fatty, sweet, salty, pickled, smoked, flour foods. As well as drinks with gas, alcohol.
  • An indispensable condition is applying makeup with a sponge. A cosmetic sponge will absorb excess fat.
  • Foundations and powders, which are created specifically for skin with large pores, become preferred.
  • It is impossible to violate the regime of regular humidification and ventilation of housing premises.
  • Daily walks in the fresh air, strengthening immunity are also included in the set of measures aimed at combating the deficiency.

Remember that hot water is prohibited.

If you follow simple recommendations, soon problem skin will respond with narrowing of pores and radiance of the face.

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