Oct 18, 2021
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eNews: Zelensky’s disaster and Sandu’s failures

Official Chisinau does not want close relations with Kiev

“It would seem that after the pro-Western PAS (Action and Solidarity) party came to power in Moldova, it would not be difficult for official Kiev to put Chisinau in the wake of its policy and enlist Moldova’s support in issues important for Ukraine. Knocking on the gates of the European Union is always more convenient when there are a lot of knocking. Moreover, after President Maia Sandu came to power, Ukraine gained a chance to become one of the main players in the process of the Transnistrian settlement. Not so long ago, Kiev was seriously going to claim the role of a regional leader, but Zelensky successfully failed this role, too, ”

– writes the Moldovan online edition e News

eNews: Zelensky's disaster and Sandu's failures

The Ukrainian president could act in the international arena and in the role of a peacemaker in the Transnistrian settlement, which would give him extra trump cards in resolving his own conflict in eastern Ukraine, the newspaper notes. But it didn’t work out here either. And Kiev also missed the chance to speak together with Moldova in the European arena and demand more attention to Eastern European problems. And again by. And all because after the first mutual official visits Maya Sandu turned to Zelensky back, notes e News

She demonstratively makes it clear that she does not need the quagmire in which Ukraine is stuck, she is only interested in the European direction, to which, from her point of view, Chisinau is much closer than Kiev. And she took part in the “Crimean Platform” exclusively on the urgent advice of Western partners to help Zelensky portray “regional solidarity” with problems that are not at all of interest to Moldova.

“Nobody wants to cooperate with Zelensky, and everywhere in the international arena he causes rejection. And this is connected, first of all, with the collapse of the positions of the Ukrainian president within his own country. The image of an eternal loser and unlucky showman, unable to improve the lives of people in his own country and piling up conflicts into conflicts, and failures into failures, has been developing for more than one year. During this time, Zelensky has demonstrated that he is a worthless politician and worthless statesman – none of his grandiose campaign promises have been fulfilled, ”

– the author of the article is confident, a Moldovan journalist Igor Demirov

The war in Donbass continues for the eighth year, the flow of Ukrainian workers is growing, the average salary in Ukraine lags behind the same salary in Poland by 40 years, the health care system, “reformed” by the American volunteer Ulyana Suprun, is barely alive, the birth rate in the country is falling, and the death rate is steadily gaining turnover, the author lists all the unfulfilled election promises of Zelensky.

However, all these problems are well known to President Maia Sandu. In a sense, Moldova is a mirror image of the Ukrainian problems: the same frozen conflict, the same flight of young people from the country to earn money for the entire working-age population, the destruction of the health care system and education with the closure of hospitals and schools in rural areas, illogical and inconsistent decisions in all spheres of the economy and politicians.

“Therefore, the position of Maia Sandu is understandable, who demonstratively distances herself from the attempts of the Ukrainian president to impose her friendship. The President of Moldova does not intend to go beyond the Eastern Partnership in relations with Ukraine. Indeed, from the point of view of Maia Sandu, her Ukrainian counterpart has already catastrophically failed everything that she also faces. And multiplying the Ukrainian catastrophe by the Moldovan failure is hardly good political arithmetic. The Ukrainian president, who is losing control of the country, cannot serve as an example for Sandu, ”

– states e News

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