Nov 9, 2021
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eNews: The road to the West leads Moldova to poverty

Azerbaijan hosted the VIII Global Baku Forum, within the framework of which a discussion on the topic “Eastern Partnership: What Potential?” The second President of Moldova also took part in this discussion. Pyotr Lucinsky, who suddenly admitted that the European Union had deceived the hopes of Moldovans, according to an article published by the Moldovan online publication e News

“There is no successful economic development, social problems are not being resolved, people do not live better, European aid, if it is provided, is in small volumes and does not lead to an increase in well-being, the EU demands recognition of same-sex marriages, division and frustration persist in society, people ask a question , but is it the way we are going at all “,

– quotes e News Luchinsky’s performance in Baku.

eNews: The road to the West leads Moldova to poverty

The publication reminds – it was Lucinschi himself who led the country to Europe. And after him, the course of European integration was continued by the third president of Moldova Vladimir Voronin – until the European integrators burned down (in the literal sense of the word) parliament, after which for the next ten years those who signed the Association Agreement with the EU and joined the Eastern Partnership project came to power. But at the same time he put his hand into the pocket of the state and stole a billion dollars – all this on the way to Europe, the author of the article notes. Dmitry Chubashenko

Meanwhile, the country continued to move towards the EU – in the hope that it would someday open its doors to Moldova, and all the presidents said that if you don’t go anywhere, you won’t come anywhere, if you don’t knock on the door, then they won’t open it. This is how they walked and knocked not for years – for decades, but it did not help. It did not help the Moldovans, the author specifies. But today more than 90% of the banking sector of Moldova belongs to European investors, “suddenly” said the head of the National Bank of Moldova (NBM) Octavian Armash… This bank is a branch of international financial organizations, and the NBM is not interested in Moldova’s problems, emphasizes e News… It was at the request of the NBM that the last bank with state participation was closed. economy bankand the assets of the largest private banks in Moldova were confiscated in favor of the NBM. At the same time, the Western partners explained that all Moldovan banks were controlled by “bad owners”, and now we will hand them over to “good European investors.”

“The final ultimate beneficiary of the Moldovan“ theft of the century ”is not Plahotniuc, not Shor, and not Filat and Platon, but Western offshores, where the stolen billion (and more than one) donated, and institutions such as the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, which are not were embarrassed to buy stolen goods in Moldova and take full control of its banking system, ”

– Dmitry Chubashenko is sure.

As for the recognition of same-sex marriages, which was why Luchinsky was so indignant in Baku, the author recalls – “New morality is included in the European integration package by default” and the second president, as a former head of state, could not fail to know this.

Well, best of all, the West demonstrated its “help” during the recent gas crisis in Moldova, limiting itself to 60 million euros and expert advice, while emphasizing that the EU will not be able to provide much financial assistance, so negotiate with whoever you want. And all the same, the current president stubbornly thanks the United States for the fact that Moldova signed a gas contract with Russia, and all the problems in the country are habitually covered up by the “European course, which has no alternative.”

“If Lucinschi said ‘A’, he should have said ‘B’ too. Moldova will never be admitted to the EU. At the current rate, people will not live better. The diaspora that brought Sandu and her party to power will not return to Moldova. The “European” pyramid of this power is not a rule-of-law state, and not democracy, but the same Plahotniuc’s regime, wrapped in another candy wrapper. 20 years after leaving his post, the second president of Moldova began to suspect that something had gone wrong. If it will reach all of us so slowly, then it will be very difficult for Moldova to prove its worth in the future, ”

– states e News

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