May 4, 2021
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eNews: Gagauzia is ready to defend its rights

Chisinau’s orientation towards confrontation with Russia will mean confrontation with Gagauzia

“Gagauzia in Moldova is on a special account. A unique autonomous-territorial entity in which its own parliament – the People’s Assembly – and its own executive authorities operate fully and not formally, enjoys broad powers and lives its own life, closely connected with the life of the entire country. The uniqueness of the Gagauz autonomy also lies in the fact that it has become almost the only example in Eastern Europe of successfully overcoming centrifugal processes in a multinational state, which is Moldova. It was the creation of autonomy that made it possible to finally close the alarming page of the confrontation between the Gagauz people and the nationalist central authorities in 1990, which almost turned into a bloody conflict, ”

– reminds the Moldovan online edition e News

eNews: Gagauzia is ready to defend its rights

Chisinau has always remembered this and any national strategic development project included points on Gagauzia, and the head of the autonomy (bashkan) is by default a member of the Cabinet of Ministers of Moldova. However, on December 25, 2020, the Bashkan of Gagauzia Irina Vlah not invited to the inauguration of the president Mai Sandu

This gesture looked demonstrative, because “forget” to invite the head of the Gagauz autonomy to your inauguration – “For the Moldovan president, this is about the same as forgetting your head or hand at home”, the edition notes. In Gagauzia, this gesture on the part of the new president was assessed as extremely unfriendly towards the autonomy. They immediately recalled Sandu’s flirtations with Romanian nationalists, the new president’s refusal to recognize the Moldovan language, and the fact that Sandu herself considers herself Romanian.

“For the Gagauz people, these are alarming signs, because it is the Romanian nationalists who consider Moldova a mono-ethnic country in which national minorities play a subordinate role in relation to the“ titular ”ethnic group. This approach to state building completely contradicts the principles that formed the basis of autonomy, “

– the author of the article is sure Igor Demirov

In his opinion, Sandu’s further actions only confirmed the fears of the Gagauzians: unexpectedly, Irina Vlah was expelled from the Supreme Security Council, although the governor of Gagauzia had been a member of the VSB during all the years of Moldovan independence.

Irina Vlah called the president’s actions erroneous and suggested that they were revenge for the fact that Gagauzia voted for the leader of the PSRM party Igor Dodon… Nevertheless, it is already clear to everyone: Maia Sandu is doing everything to limit the access of the Bashkan of Gagauzia to the state administration system. At the same time, Sandu does not take into account the fact that the autonomy listens to the opinion of Irina Vlah – she did too much for Gagauzia.

e News recalls that from the first days of her tenure as Bashkan, Vlakh was engaged in the development of economic and social ties with the regions of Russia, which is quite natural, since the Russian language is one of the official languages ​​of the autonomy, and most of the Gagauz people work on the territory of the Russian Federation. In fact, all these years Gagauzia has been pursuing its own foreign policy – such a right was given to the region by the law “On Special Legal Status”. However, today the policy of Maia Sandu cannot but worry the Gagauzians – they understand that they should prepare for difficult times when they will have to defend their right to make decisions on their own.

“The mood in Gagauzia is obvious: no matter how the relations between Chisinau and Moscow develop in the future, Russia will always be a strategic partner and friend for Comrat. In Gagauzia, they are not going to depart from this principle, and they will defend their right to development stubbornly and unshakably.

And this point should be taken into account in Chisinau by everyone – from the presidential administration to the offices of pro-Western parties, which these days are actively preparing for early parliamentary elections. For them, the orientation towards confrontation with Russia, which Western “friends” are imposing on Moldova, will automatically mean the continuation of the course of confrontation with Gagauzia. And this, in turn, already threatens the stability of the Moldovan state itself, ”

– warns e News.

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