Oct 28, 2021
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eNews: A look at Ukrainian problems from Chisinau

“From the outside, political Kiev is seen as a ball of snakes, a bunch of scandalous and quarrelsome characters”

“We returned the Scythian gold – we will return the Crimea too!” This phrase of the former comedian clearly illustrates the whole essence of the policy regarding territorial integrity that Kiev is promoting – at the level of unfunny jokes of a stand-up artist in a provincial bar. It is not clear to whom Zelensky addressed his joke – neither domestically, nor in the international arena, they don’t believe in the deception and idle talk of semi-official Kiev for a long time ”,

– writes the Moldovan online edition e News

eNews: A look at Ukrainian problems from Chisinau

And although politicians in Moldova do not shine with humor, and Moldova itself in Ukraine has always been treated lightly – too small and poor country, still Ukraine should take a closer look at the Moldovan experience in resolving territorial conflicts, the newspaper notes. Because the main obstacle on the way to NATO, which Kiev has been dreaming of for so long, is precisely the unresolved territorial conflict. Ukrainian politicians are currently doing everything possible to further intensify this conflict and drive a wedge every day into the rifts that are splitting the country.

Ukraine is bursting at the seams, in its eastern part, for the eighth year, hostilities have been conducted, artillery volleys sound, civilians are dying, and officials are practicing demagoguery, begging for new loans and borrowings under the theme of “returning” the forever lost Crimea, the author of the article is perplexed Igor Demirov

He is sure that the main thing that Ukraine lacks today is peace. The problem is that the current government, led by Zelensky, does not want peace.

“For many too many, the military conflict in the east of the country has become an inexhaustible political resource, a lever of pressure on the West in order to squeeze more money, benefits and indulgences from partners, or even a source of incredible income on the principle of“ who is the war, and who is the mother ”,

– the author is sure.

In his opinion, if Chisinau had behaved as ineptly as Kiev, then Moldova would have lost the Gagauz autonomy back in the nineties of the last century. And the then trips of Moldovan nationalists, armed with fittings, on buses from Chisinau to Gagauzia for “putting things in order” are very much reminiscent of the “trains of friendship” in Ukraine in 2014. Both Ukrainian and Moldovan “voyages with rebar” brought only shame to their countries. But they were able to stop in Moldova, but not in Ukraine. Therefore, the conflict in Gagauzia did not end in a bloody war, and Gagauzia remains part of Moldova, despite the fact that many contradictions have not disappeared, but the main thing is that there is no shooting or blood shedding there, and contradictions can always be resolved. The conflicts between the autonomous Gagauzia and Chisinau concern the budget and the further strengthening of the rights of the autonomous territory.

Although in Pridnestrovie it came to a bloody war in 1992, reminds e News, but the war lasted less than a year, and for thirty years now peace has reigned on both banks of the Dniester.

Here, of course, the publication is disingenuous – it is not known how long the war in Transnistria would have lasted if Russian peacekeepers had not intervened. It is precisely through their efforts, and not at all from Chisinau, that they do not shoot on the banks of the Dniester today, like all the last thirty years.

Igor Demirov admits that Moldova clearly has no desire to integrate Transnistria, nevertheless, the parties manage to at least observe some rules of peaceful coexistence, which is not even close to the east of Ukraine. And even if not everything is smooth, and there are dozens of problems, however, the leaders of Moldova and Transnistria communicate, discuss these problems, and citizens of both banks of the Dniester freely move across the demarcation line.

“If Ukraine wants peace, and Ukrainian politicians are trying to stop all the accelerating processes of split and disintegration of their state, then they should learn from Moldova. The trouble is, they don’t seem to be able to learn. From the outside, political Kiev is a tangle of snakes, a bunch of scandalous and quarrelsome characters who are ready to bring down the building on themselves, if only their opponents would die under the roof together with them ”,

– concludes the Moldovan journalist.

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