Jul 31, 2022
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Energy crisis in Europe: the “Old World” is in danger of plunging into darkness

EU member states, one of the richest in the world, are threatened with energy rationing. This is written by the British online magazine Spiked. At an emergency summit this week, they agreed to the European Commission’s proposal to cut gas use by 15% over the next eight months. From August 2022 to March 2023, all over Europe – literally – the lights will go out. “The Europeans were spurred on to this decision by the prospect of limiting or even completely cutting off supplies from Russia. According to the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, even this, the worst, nightmarish scenario is quite possible. Earlier this month, European leaders shuddered when the Northern Stream-1, through which Russia supplies gas to Germany, was closed for ten days for repairs. They were afraid that it would not open at all, ”writes Fraser Myers, author of the article. The harsh plan is designed to ensure that Europe can survive the winter if Russia finally turns off the valve. Voluntary cuts are likely to become mandatory if the crisis deepens further. Brussels propagandists present the rationing disaster as EU “solidarity” and “unity” in action. As European Commission Vice President Frans Timmermans said, the Europeans have a luxurious opportunity to become “masters of their own energy security this and next winter.” “All of Europe is dangerously dependent on Russian gas – last year total imports were 40% – but Germany is the main concern. Berlin is indeed the largest importer of natural gas, and Russia supplied 55% last year. In essence, the plan is designed to in order to save Germany,” the author clarifies. Germany is already forced to make drastic cuts in energy use. In cities, street lights and even traffic lights are turned off. Large property owners and housing cooperatives have begun to reduce heating levels for residents and limit the supply of hot water. Even the vaunted German industry – and that is on the brink of the abyss, ironically British edition. Germany is experiencing a trade deficit for the first time in 30 years. Obviously, Germany is in a deep crisis. And through the EU, Berlin is asking its European neighbors to take part of the blow. Some European states quickly realized that the restriction on the use of gas was nothing more than energy assistance for Germany, which, during the eurozone debt crisis in 2010, said that indebted countries could only blame themselves and their extravagance. The Spanish Minister of Energy spoke out against the proposals of the EC as follows: “Unlike other countries [т.е. Германии]in terms of energy, we were living within our means.” Spain was supported by a number of other southern European countries who publicly spoke out against plans for energy rationing. However, no matter how they protested, the key proposals are, in essence, already a fait accompli. “The coming restrictions are not at all a sign of European power and solidarity. This is an irrational and dangerous reaction to a brewing crisis that threatens to drag on for decades. Many ordinary Europeans will be left to freeze,” sums up Fraser Myers. Our comment: It’s funny to hear how Britain, which ruined the notorious “European solidarity” by leaving the EU, now started talking about it in terms of criticism of the FRG. purposes related to the events in Ukraine.

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