Oct 11, 2021
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Energy and food for the brain

Energy and food for the brain

Energy and food for the brain in the literal sense of the word is necessary, because glucose is necessary for it to work

This is energy and food for the brain in the literal sense of the word, because glucose is necessary for it to work. But replace refined sugar and sweets with something useful: honey, dates, fruits, dried fruits, halva, marmalade, marshmallows.

There should always be food at home. How can this be achieved? Have chicken and broccoli in the fridge, and more! Always keep a healthy favorite food in reserve. Surely there is one.

Think about it and make a list of these foods. For example, these can be your favorite vegetables (zucchini, eggplant, peppers – for a quick stew), cheese, ingredients for Greek salad, cheese and fruits. Include them on your shopping list and have them always be at home waiting for you.

Make a meal plan a few days in advance

First, it will allow you to buy groceries in advance and spend less time shopping. Secondly, you do not have to fantasize to cook this in the evening or take it with you for lunch. If you are less anxious about your meal and know ahead of time what to expect for dinner, then you are less likely to jump on something harmful.

Buy the necessary products in the right quantity in advance

It is more convenient to buy groceries a week in advance. Planning your meals will help you to waste less food and reduce food costs.
Buy the necessary products in the right quantity in advance

Reorganize food storage

Cookies always lie in a conspicuous place, so most likely your hand will reach for them than you think of beets, which are located deep in the fridge drawer. Do the opposite: let the “junk” food lie in a distant and inaccessible place, and healthy food always in a visible place. After all, sometimes you want something harmful simply because it accidentally caught your eye.

Don’t be afraid of fats, because not all fats are created equal.

For example, oily fish, nuts, olive oil and butter contain omega-3 and omega-6, which are essential for many processes in the body. They help to restore and improve metabolism, reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases, improve tone and endurance.
Set a reminder on your phone:
For breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks. The regime is a big plus for the body. In addition, there are special programs for smartphones that help you keep a food diary, remind you to eat, count calories, etc.

Experiment with new dishes

From time to time, study a selection of recipes for healthy meals and cook something new and different. Perhaps you will like some of the recipes and will form the basis of your new eating style. Or it turns out that homemade glazed curds are much tastier than those bought in the store.

Food looks important

Let the food be beautiful and appetizing. Do not skimp on decorations, master the restaurant presentation. Take the House of designer dishes, make a beautiful ceremony out of an ordinary meal – and let it be so not only for the holidays.

You will not be forcibly sweet:

Anything that you eat with strength will not benefit you. And the aforementioned broccoli chicken breast too. Do not torture yourself with proper nutrition, get used to the new gradually. The path to something bigger always starts with small steps, be patient and take your time eating like detox bloggers right away. Don’t blame yourself if you eat something “wrong.”

Read the composition

It happens that the jar of yogurt says “0% fat”, and the composition contains “hidden” sugar,
dyes, flavors. Big letters on the packaging of the product “non-GMO”, “fitness”,
“Fat-free” does not guarantee that the product is safe, sometimes it is just
marketing ploy. Read the ingredients carefully and avoid artificial additives.
preservatives, dyes, sugar.

If food is a way to help you relax after work,
reward yourself for a hard day, comfort yourself in moments of sadness, try to find others
ways to relax and delight yourself. It can be:

  • Warm bubble bath. A warm bubble bath is the most affordable way to indulge yourself and relax after a hard day.
  • Meditation. It’s simple: sit comfortably, close your eyes, try not to think about anything, just listen to your breathing.
  • An exciting new series will help you take your mind off work.
  • Conversation with a friend on the phone or skype. Think back to how you used to chat for hours. Trust me, nothing has changed.
  • Stretching or some lazy yoga exercises. Now, of course, is not the time for a full workout, but a few asanas will make you feel a little better. Stretching or some lazy yoga exercises.
  • Walking in the park alone may be new to you, but we promise you will love it!
  • Herbal tea. Mint, lemon balm, linden, chamomile, calendula have soothing properties.
  • Go to bed early.

Make a list of pleasant things you want to do:
do yoga, make a cake, go with children to an amusement park, plan a vacation, do drawing. Let this list hang in a prominent place, and someday the time will come for these cases.

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