Jun 6, 2022
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End of the world End of the world, doomsday, apocalypse, the last days of mankind – our civilization has been waiting for collapse for as long as it can remember itself

In ancient times, mankind believed that time is cyclical and the whole world moves in a circle that is unlikely to ever stop. Winter will still follow autumn, which, in turn, will invariably come after summer, whose harbinger will always be spring.

With the advent of Christianity, the situation in the mass unconscious changed dramatically. Instead of moving in a circle, humanity has become aware of the linear progressive movement of time. The world has found a visible beginning and began to wait for its end.

Since that time, any hints of the end of the world or the apocalypse are sensitively resonating in the heart of a person. The people are waiting for both their own extinction and larger catastrophes – the destruction of the Earth, the cooling of the Sun, the collapse of the Universe or the disappearance of the very fabric of the universe.

Regardless of the scale of Armageddon, all of its scenarios can be conditionally divided into several thematic blocks.


A step-by-step description of what will happen in the last days for the world was left in the Book of Revelation or the Apocalypse by John the Theologian. From a Christian point of view, the end of the world means the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and the Last Judgment. At the same time, for believers, these events should be perceived as a long-awaited and desired liberation, but it is worth fearing the events that precede Armageddon – the coming of the Antichrist, false prophets, wars and other disasters. Islam and Judaism have similar ideas about the last days of mankind.

Human factor

The fact that humanity has the power to destroy itself, and with it the whole world, people ceased to doubt after the invention and use of the nuclear bomb. It cannot be said that there were no alarm bells even before that – the devastating wars and general anger of the 20th century became a bitter pill for those who believed in the triumph of reason. Chemical, bacteriological, nuclear, climate weapons – in pursuit of global superiority, people seem to have dug themselves the deepest hole in the world.

Influence of nature

In addition to the fact that a person seeks to destroy his neighbor and, ultimately, himself, he preys on him and the world around him. Just as our ancient ancestors were powerless against predators, we have nothing to counter earthquakes, giant tsunami waves, global droughts or glaciations.

Supernatural intervention

Aliens not only exist, but also watch us, supporters of this version of the end of the world are sure. And the aliens, they add, cautiously looking sideways at the sky, are not in the most friendly way. Someone believes that they breed humanity “for meat” like cows on a free-range farm, others believe that they need the Earth under our feet and our resources, and still others see supreme judges visiting from distant planets, ready to destroy humanity in if it is completely mired in sin.

The fact that in the very near future humanity should wait for the apocalypse is regularly reported to people. The word is taken by ufologists, psychics, soothsayers, prophets, and sometimes even scientists. As a sign of the coming of the last days, they call the movements of celestial bodies, their own knowledge, deadly epidemics, large-scale earthquakes, unusual natural phenomena, and other features. Read about the latest news about the end of the world in a special story “”.

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