Feb 24, 2021
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Emotions of slimness: the only way to lose weight for those who have not been saved from fat by any diet

Emotions of slimness: the only way to lose weight for those who have not been saved from fat by any diet

There are so many weight loss methods based on diets, sports, starvation, special vitamins … But it often happens that you adhere to all the rules of a healthy diet, go to the gym, give up bad habits, get checked by an endocrinologist, and are in no hurry to leave extra pounds. And you probably thought that all these nutritionists, trainers and other weight loss specialists are just charlatans.

In fact, there is one important point that 90% of all losing weight are missing. And this is not at all the amount of food, genetics or hormones.

Real physical hunger is practically unknown to modern people. The feeling of hunger that we experience is a requirement of our energy shell. We can sit all day in place, doing something, without spending any physical energy at all, but we will want to eat at lunchtime. Perhaps you have noticed that your weight is more stable and you are less drawn to eat when everything is fine in life. For example, many women lose weight with the appearance of men, love, romance in their lives.

It’s all about energy. Each product and each taste has its own energy. Ayurveda talks about this well. Sweet taste soothes, salty – concentrates, pungent – activates, bitter gives endurance and patience. Some products have feminine and soft energy. And a person has an energy that must always be supported.

Severe food restrictions help you lose weight only temporarily. But an emotionally exhausted body accumulates energy hunger, and one day we break down. If you are hungry, then you are missing some kind of emotional state. That is, you have a lack of certain energy.

Digesting food, we connect with its energy, it fills us with its vibrations and our mental state changes. This is why we eat stress sweet.

The psychology of weight loss says: when you are in harmony with yourself, your taste habits change and you are practically not drawn to junk food. When you feel fear, or do something you don’t like, your body will immediately demand heavier foods. Enlightened people eat a handful of rice a day throughout their lives, because they receive positive emotions from communication with God.

Another important point: do not mindlessly lose weight. For example, with the help of losing weight, you want to improve your personal life, love yourself, triple on this or that job. A good figure should bring happiness. Concentrate on your desires, not food.

It will take you 21 days to lose weight. During this time, you need to do something pleasant for yourself every day, wear clothes that will emphasize your figure, be happy, communicate with pleasant people. And you will see how your nutrition and form will change. In general, live as if you already have the desired figure.

Try to let go of all your grievances from the past, try to get out of your comfort zone to improve your quality of life. Do not dwell on a man, children, relatives. Every day you have to set aside time for yourself (take a walk, think). And always have some little dream that will inspire you.

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