Sep 16, 2022
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Emmanuil Vitorgan, together with his grown daughter Ethel, was captured by his wife


The wife of actor Emmanuil Vitorgan shared a family photo of her husband with her eldest daughter.

Having become parents of two daughters at a fairly mature age, Irina Mlodik and Emmanuil Vitorgan enjoy their quiet happiness. The couple is broadcasting their joy to fans by sharing pictures in the company of their adorable heirs and showing Ethel and Clara in photos and videos.

Irina Mlodik loves to capture her daughters in the company of their elderly dad Emmanuel Vitorgan. And it always looks very touching. This time Irina Mlodik caught Emmanuel Vitorgan with her eldest daughter Ethel. Apparently, the picture was taken in the country.

Emmanuil Vitorgan hugged pretty Ethel, and she blossomed into a smile next to the eminent and loving dad.

Emmanuil Vitorgan with his daughter Ethel
Emmanuil Vitorgan with his daughter Ethel

Father and daughter“, – Irina Mlodik signed a touching family frame.

Fans admired the picture, saying that Ethel has grown noticeably over the past summer.

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