Dec 29, 2020
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Emmanuel Vitorgan recalled the last conversation with Alla Balter, who died of cancer

11:13, 12/29/2020

The second wife of the 80-year-old actor passed away in 2000.

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Emmanuel Vitorgan, who is best known for his roles in the films Pious Martha, The Sorcerers, The Day of the Radio, as well as the TV series Poor Nastya and Sklifosovsky, became a guest of the Fate of a Man show. The 80-year-old actor and director talked about his 30-year marriage with Alla Balter and what the last conversation with her was about. The artist died at the age of 60 from spinal cancer. Death found the actress in a hospital ward early in the morning on July 14, 2000.

According to Emmanuil Gedeonovich, a few hours before Balter’s death, he received a call from the orderly of the hospital where his wife was receiving treatment. He asked to hurry up, as, according to his feelings, the patient was preparing for death. Vitorgan recalled that in some state of shock he caught a taxi and rushed to the medical facility. He saw that Alla was already leaving, but began to persuade her not to rush. “I started talking to her not to do it. And that night Alla did not leave. I went to the toilet and banged my head against the wall when I saw how she suffered, how she was in pain. In the morning she left in my arms, at five or six in the morning, ”the actor shared with Boris Korchevnikov.

Emmanuel Vitorgan and Alla Balter

Vitorgan also remembered what the last conversation with his wife was about. “We talked about the play – we, the artists, are crazy. It was said that when it came out, one scene would need to be remounted. She always said: “Everything will be fine!” – said the guest of the show. The artist added that Alla courageously fought the disease, rarely letting her husband and son know how hard it was for her. “We fought for three years. There was nothing that was not done for Allochka. Allochka tried so that neither I nor Maxim knew anything, she quietly left for the doctors. She had to live a very long time. He’s a wonderful person! In the ward, she always talked, talked, smiled. And after each operation she returned to the stage and played, ”said Emmanuil Gedeonovich.

Alla Balter’s last film was the first season of the Kamenskaya TV series, which was released in 1999. It is worth noting that the actress rarely starred, as she was more devoted to the theater. Of the vivid roles, you can recall her play in the series “The Investigation Is Lead by Experts. According to her widower, in addition to the stage, Balter was willingly engaged in raising her son, who was born to the Vitorgans on September 10, 1972. “She gave all of herself to her son,” stressed the guest of “Man’s Fate”.

Alla Balter in the TV series “Kamenskaya”

Vitorgan added that he continues to treat his deceased wife with trepidation and regrets that he could not save her. “Alla saved me, but I didn’t,” the actor admitted bitterly, remembering that he survived lung cancer thanks to his wife. “I was suspected of having tuberculosis, but they told the truth only after the operation. I was very surprised. And once again I thought, how lucky I am with my wife! What happened to me! It was such a surprise, such a pain. I didn’t know that it was cancer, she didn’t say a word to me, ”said Emmanuel Gedeonovich about his illness. He noted that Balter found the necessary specialists in a timely manner, and they were able to defeat the cancer.

We add that this year Emmanuel Vitorgan staged a play “On the waves of my memory”, which dedicated to Alla Balter. The role of the actress was performed by Klara Novikova. A singer, composer and actress is also involved in the production. Natalia Vlasova

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